Your FlexJobs Resume Profile: Why It Matters

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Having a resume profile on FlexJobs isn’t just about applying for jobs—it also ensures that you’ll be matched to relevant job leads and that employers can find you! So, as one of your first steps as a successful FlexJobs member, be sure to set up your resume profile.

A Professional Resume Profile

The “Resume Profiles” section on FlexJobs (found under “My Dashboard”) allows members to create resume profiles in order to automate their job search.

When you add a new resume profile to your member account, you can build a new resume, import your LinkedIn profile, upload a current resume, and attach work samples. Once it’s completed, you can also download a PDF version of your FlexJobs resume profile when you apply to jobs.

The resume profile serves several purposes on FlexJobs.

1. Alerts You to New Jobs That Match Your Career Interests

When you select up to five job categories per profile, this teaches our automated system about the types of jobs that would be of interest to you. You’ll then receive messages with the latest job postings that match your chosen job categories.

2. Matches You With Jobs at Your Desired Level

Within your resume profile, you’ll also choose your job type (employee, freelance, temporary), your career level, and your education level. This helps to ensure that the job leads you receive are in line with your skills and experience.

3. Enables Employers to Find You When They Search for Candidates

We work with many employers who are actively recruiting for roles by searching our resume profile database. Once you switch your profile from “Inactive” to “Active,” your resume profile will be searchable to employers.

4. Allows You to Apply for Jobs With FlexJobs “Featured Employers”

FlexJobs has jobs in our database from two main sources:

  • Employers that we work with to post jobs directly to our site
  • Our researchers, who find, vet, and add flexible jobs to our site

Both are crucial to providing members with the best legitimate remote and flexible job postings possible, but you can use your FlexJobs profile to apply to some of the jobs posted directly by employers.

There are times, however, when Featured Employers want you to apply through their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) rather than through FlexJobs. Read below for the differences between featured and external employers and for tips on applying to both types of job postings with your FlexJobs resume profile.

FlexJobs Featured Employers

Featured Employers are companies that have come directly to FlexJobs, have been screened and approved by our staff, and can directly post their jobs to the FlexJobs site for you to see and apply to. Featured Employers have the option to browse job seekers’ resume profiles to select potential candidates for positions they’re hiring for.

How to Identify a Featured Employer

1. Job titles are orange:

featured flexjobs employer

2. Their company name is followed by the “FJ Star” (“fj” with a star shape around it) throughout the site:

flexjobs star icon

Tips for Applying to Jobs With Featured Employers

When you click the blue “Apply” button at the bottom of each job description, you will either be taken to the employer’s site to submit your application, or you’ll be prompted to select an active resume profile. If you have more than one active resume profile on FlexJobs, the system will allow you to select which one you want to send to the FlexJobs Featured Employer.

In these cases, you will also have the opportunity to include a cover letter that you can either type in the indicated field, or copy and paste from a text document.

FlexJobs External Employers

External employers are screened and verified for legitimacy in the same way that our Featured Employers are, but they do not post their jobs directly on FlexJobs. Instead, our team of job researchers seeks out these employers and their jobs through outside websites, including the company’s career page and other job search boards.

How to Identify an External Job

1. Job titles are blue:

external job title flexjobs

2. Company names do not have the “FJ Star” icon:

external employer flexjobs

Tips for Applying to Jobs With External Employers

All listings for positions with external employers will link you to the original job post on the company’s website. Follow the instructions, and if they request a resume file, you can attach a PDF of your FlexJobs resume profile (which you can download from the top right of your resume profile) or use another resume you have on file.

Succeeding With FlexJobs

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