Work experience courses: How to get started

Looking to boost your CV in more ways than one? 

A combination of practical work experience, theory, and relevant qualifications is an essential requirement for many jobs. This makes a work experience course a great choice for anyone looking to start or change their career.

To help guide you in the right direction, here’s everything you need to know about work experience courses, and how you can start one: 


What is a course with work experience? 

A course with work experience is a training programme that allows you to gain practical work experience while you study for a certification. 

This could be in the form of: 

The specific format of the programme will depend on the course you take – but the contents will generally consist of a combination of academic learning, work placements, and one-to-one guidance to help you take the next step in your career. 

In terms of the cost of your study – it will vary depending on the course you take, but there are many options available to help make studying affordable.  


Who is a course with work experience for? 

A course with work experience is the perfect choice for people who don’t have any/much practical experience in their chosen field. 

Unless you choose to study for a degree, you usually won’t need any previous experience or qualifications to start your training.  

This makes it ideal for school leavers, career changers, or even recent graduates. 

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Why take a course with work experience? 

A course that enables you to work as well as learn will certainly add value to your CV; not to mention give you a real-life insight into the role you’re looking to pursue.  

Not only could it potentially guarantee you a job at the end of your training, the experience you gain is also a great way to prove to employers that you have the job-specific skills needed to do any roles you apply for in the future.

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Courses with work experience

Not sure where to look? Here are just a few great courses you could start right now: 



The course: AAT Level 2 with Accountancy Work Experience 

What does it involve? This course allows you to gain skills in everything from bookkeeping transactions and controls to practical skills, such as setting up accounts and invoices. At the end of the training, you’ll receive an AAT Level 2 Certificate in Bookkeeping (QCF), and be guaranteed a work placement. 

Perfect for: People with no prior experience in accounting. 



The course? Business Analyst Work Placement Programme

What does it involve? You’ll get the opportunity to work with one of many business analyst firms across the UK that Green Rock Consulting is partnered with – allowing you to carry out practical training as a Business Analyst. You’ll also receive personalised advice and guidance to ensure you meet your career goals.  

Perfect for: People who are struggling to start a career as a business analyst. 


Project Management

The course: Project Management Study Package and Job Placement

What does it involve? Including recognised certifications in Agile, PRINCE2®, and BCS, this course provides a comprehensive look into the fundamentals of project management. On completion of the programme, you’ll be offered a role with one of ITonlinelearning’s partner companies.  

Perfect for: People who want to break into project management. 



The course: Coding Job Guarantee Programme

What does it involve? This course enables you to learn about front and back end coding, whilst carrying out practical projects and building your own portfolio. On completion, you’ll gain a Microsoft Certified Professional certification (MCP), and be placed into a web development/software development role. 

Perfect for: People who want to learn (and do) code. 


IT Support 

The course: CompTIA Complete IT Support Practical Experience Programme

What does it involve? With a combination of Cisco, CompTIA, ITIL, and MCSA certifications, this course provides you with everything you need to start a career in IT support. You’ll also gain practical experience through Live Labs, and receive expert advice on how to make your CV stand out. 

Perfect for: People who want to gain more than one certification. 

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Other ways to gain work experience while you learn 

Finding a course that also offers work experience isn’t the only way to boost your practical abilities and stand out to employers. You could also: 

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