Which postgraduate degree is right for me?

Thinking of taking a postgrad, but aren’t sure which one to choose? 

With a variety of exciting subjects available, picking the right one can be a difficult decision. Not only do you have to take into account your passions and what you’re good at, you also need to consider how your studies will influence your career path. 

We spoke to the University of Liverpool, European leaders in 100% online postgraduate education, to find out more about postgraduate course subjects: 


If you’re interested in artificial intelligence 🤖

Why study artificial intelligence? You’ll better understand the AI rich tools you use on a daily basis, whether it’s phone assistants like Siri, or algorithms that control your Facebook news feed. The chance to work with cutting-edge technologies like self-driving cars, quantum processors, and robotic assistants could also be well within your reach.

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, Data Science, Robotics, Machine Learning, Applied Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Programming. 

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in artificial intelligence: Big data engineer, business intelligence developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, research scientist, AI data analyst, product manager, AI engineer, robotics scientist.

Perfect for: People who think robots will take over the world (but are totally OK with it). 

Top courses to help get you hired: The MSc in Artificial Intelligence and the MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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If you’re interested in sports

Why study sports? You’ll get to tackle the UK’s biggest health challenges, helping people to lead a healthier life. You could also pursue a career that protects workers in physically demanding and high risk environments, such as firefighters, soldiers, the police, and elite athletes. 

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: Sports Business and Management, Sports Journalism, Sport Nutrition, Sport Psychology, Sport and Mental Health, Sports Marketing, Sports Science, Sport Rehabilitation, Sports Administration.

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in sports: Sports agent, personal trainer, football agent, sports event planner, sports marketing director, physiotherapist, athletic director, facilities manager, sports journalist, sports coach, PE teacher.

Perfect for: People who actually like the gym. 

Top course to help get you hired: The MSc in Sports Business and Management

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If you’re interested in IT 💻

Why study IT? You’ll develop technical abilities that’ll qualify you for a future-proof career, opening up exciting (and lucrative) opportunities in anything from healthcare and finance to transport and communications. And, if you’re interested in being at the forefront of the latest gadgets, technologies, and computer systems, this is the subject for you.  

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: Cyber Security, Computer Science, Information Technology (IT), Software Development, Software Engineering, Applied Computing, Web Development, UX Design, Computer Programming, Ethical Hacking. 

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in IT: Software developer, programmer, cyber security analyst, information security, mobile app developer, network administrator, IT technician, database developer, web developer, web designer, IT security engineer.

Perfect for: People who aren’t afraid of bugs. 

Top courses to help get you hired: The MSc in Computer Science and the MSc in Cyber Security

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If you’re interested in marketing 📺

Why study marketing? You’ll learn how to be a well-rounded, critical thinker, with the ability to persuade, innovate, and analyse. Armed with these skills, you’ll have the opportunity to market a range of products and services, whether it’s on social media, websites, TV, radio, or billboards. 

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: International Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand Management, Public Relations (PR), Market Research, Advertising, Marketing Management, Marketing and Leadership, Economics, Marketing and Communications. 

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in marketing: Digital marketing executive, brand manager, social media manager, marketing manager, marketing director, market research analyst, media buyer, PR officer, art director, advertising account executive.

Perfect for: People who hate ad blockers.  

Top course to help get you hired: The MSc in Digital Marketing

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If you’re interested in psychology 🧠

Why study psychology? You’ll get to delve deep into the human psyche, explore the ins and outs of human behaviour, and learn how to diagnose and treat a range of psychological problems. But you won’t just learn about other people, a degree in this field will also enable you to better understand yourself. 

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: Child and Adolescent Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Psychology and Neuroscience, Childhood and Youth, Therapeutic Counselling, Health Psychology, Educational Psychology, Occupational Psychology. 

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in psychology: Clinical psychologist, counselling psychologist, mental health practitioner, educational psychologist, forensic psychologist, health psychologist, therapist, occupational psychologist, psychological wellbeing practitioner, sport and exercise psychologist.

Perfect for: People who want to figure everybody out. 

Top courses to help get you hired: The MSc in Psychology and the MSc in Health Psychology.

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If you’re interested in public health 🏥

Why study public health? You’ll be able to improve the health of people on a local, national, or international level, working in areas like epidemic and emergency prevention, diet and exercise, and healthcare services and medicine accessibility. And in the midst of a global pandemic, this area of healthcare has never been more important. 

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: Public Health, Public and Environmental Health Sciences, Community Public Health Nursing, Public Health Nutrition.

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in public health: Public health consultant, public health nurse, public health manager, nutritionist, health trainer, school nurse, health visitor, environmental health practitioner, epidemiologist, health and safety adviser.

Perfect for: People who always wear a mask. 

Top course to help get you hired: The MPH Master of Public Health.

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If you’re interested in management 💼

Why study management? You’ll develop key skills in finance, business operations, communication, business policy, markets, and strategy, enabling you to add value to organisations all over the world. Management roles can be found in a wide range of sectors too, from chemicals and utilities, to fashion, marketing, and construction. 

Popular postgraduate degree subjects: International Management, Financial Management, Business Management, Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Business Administration, International Business, Project Management, Supply Chain Management.

Jobs you could do with a postgraduate degree in management: Actuarial analyst, arbitrator, business adviser, business analyst, business development manager, chartered management accountant, corporate investment banker, management consultant, project manager, risk manager, stockbroker, supply chain manager, human resources manager. 

Perfect for: People who are all business.  

Top courses to help get you hired: The MSc in International Management and the MSc in International Human Resource Management.

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Why study with the University of Liverpool? 

The University of Liverpool is a European leader in 100% online postgraduate education, with over two decades experience of delivering high quality online learning on a global scale. 

Its online programmes provide a flexible study option to further your learning, while continuing with your current professional and personal commitments. 

The University of Liverpool is also a founding member of the UK Russell Group, consistently ranked in the top 200 universities worldwide. 

More reasons to study with the University of Liverpool include: 

  • Study a career-driven internationally focused programme
  • Learn 100% online, flexibly, and at your own pace 
  • Receive personalised support from experienced tutors 
  • Gain access to a global network of employers and students  
  • Explore interactive study materials via a state-of-the-art learning platform


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The University of Liverpool is a European leader in 100% online postgraduate education, offering a range of courses in everything from IT to sports.



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