What Successful FlexJobs Members Do Every Day

What Successful FlexJobs Members Do Every Day

As you likely know, landing the right job can take a lot of hard work (although we aim to make it substantially easier!). But a typical job search usually involves a some level of serious strategy, dedication, focus, and often a little luck, too. For anyone in the throes of a job search, learn what successful FlexJobs members do every day to improve your own chances of finding a high-quality flexible job.

What Successful FlexJobs Members Do Every Day

Create Multiple Resume Profiles

FlexJobs’ resume profiles serve as a way to alert you of new jobs that match your career interests and enable employers to contact you when they’re recruiting candidates. The resume profile allows you to write a summary that describes why you’re a great candidate, upload a resume, fill out your experience and education, and upload work samples.

If you are searching for more than one type of job, it may be in your best interest to create more than one resume profile to reflect your various interests. This will keep the available jobs in your area of interest separate and allow you to apply in an easier manner.

FlexJobs resume profile

Check the Jobs of Interest Page

We know that your inbox is probably already inundated with emails each and every day. But FlexJobs’ notifications emails can contain solid leads on jobs.

A resume profile will filter the jobs that are relevant to you to the Jobs of Interest page. If you’ve signed up to receive job notification emails, jobs from your followed companies and jobs of interest will also be included there.

“I read through the daily emails every day, and when one sounded good I applied,” says Lauren F., a web assessor. So take the time to focus on the emails that matter (i.e., the ones that can help you land a job!) and save your personal emails for the end of the day.

Take the Skills Tests

One thing that sets FlexJobs apart from other job boards is the skills tests that are offered. Not only do they allow you to assess where your skills are (and if they need some sprucing up), but they can also help you target which jobs you’re really qualified for. We have over 170 tests, which span the spectrum of soft skills and hard skills.

Even if you think it might be time-consuming or tedious to take the tests, they can help level-up your skill set and position you for your next job.

FlexJobs skills tests

Customize Documents

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of advice FlexJobs gives its job seekers is to always customize each and every job application as it relates to the job you’re applying for.

Lenox P., a copywriter with Cactus Communications, definitely concurs. “I’ve recommended to numerous people with the caveat that it’s vital to customize each resume and cover letter to the position you are applying for,” says Lenox. “Do extensive research on the company. Research their competition. Write, re-write, and carefully edit your cover letter and resume.”

Set Up Saved Searches

Anytime you run a search on FlexJobs, you have the option to save the search. And anytime you view a company’s employer page, you have the option to follow the company.

These saved searches can save you a lot of time and energy. Once you’ve pinpointed the companies you’re interested in, and the jobs you’re looking for, you can easily access the newest jobs posted. Check these frequently, as it’s wise to be among the first to apply to a job.

Saved searches FlexJobs dashboard

Read the Blog

Not because we write it (okay, maybe we’re a little biased), but the FlexJobs blog has some of the best job search and career advice articles on the internet! “All of the articles and helpful columns were interesting to read,” says Rebecca M., a writer and editor at CopyPress. “My time with FlexJobs has given me tons of guidance and advice that allowed me to ramp up my resume and interviewing skills. I’m confident now in my job search abilities.”

Whether it’s to get some inspiration, learn the latest in work flexibility, or find a fabulous flexible job, there are many posts on the blog that can help you with your job search.

flexjobs blog homepage

Use the Job Search Checklist

The job search checklist is a vital tool for all successful FlexJobs members. The checklist helps members learn how to use FlexJobs and walks you through how to improve your job search tactics and become a better candidate. With just a few minutes each day, you can work through each checklist in no time.

FlexJobs job search checklist

Maximizing Your FlexJobs Membership

We want to help make your job searching experience positive. We’ve had many successful job searchers use our platform, and are here to help you maximize your account’s potential. Whether you’re looking for part-time or full-time, fully remote or partially remote, we’re bound to have something for you. Check out our openings in more than 50 career categories.


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Originally published November 10, 2015 and previously updated on October 18, 2017. 

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