What job can I get with AAT?

Looking for your perfect job in finance? Do the maths…

Getting AAT qualified is a great way to get started with a job in accountancy, progress in your current role, expand your career options, or improve your salary expectations. Don’t believe us? 77% of students from a 2019 AAT salary survey agreed that studying AAT has increased their earning potential – meaning you can be sure that AAT will be a step in the right direction for your career (and your bank balance).

Not sure what you can actually do with AAT? We spoke to Kaplan Financial, one of the UK’s leading providers of accountancy qualifications, to find out the best jobs you can get with an AAT qualification:


What qualifications do I need to start studying AAT?

Anyone can study AAT.

Whether you’re a school leaver, a graduate, or you’re looking to change careers, you’ll be able to start studying straight away – with no previous experience in the field.

AAT: What you need to know


How long does it take to study AAT?

The time it takes to study AAT will depend on the study method you choose.

Generally, you’ll be able to get qualified in around a year – with some methods allowing you to complete your course in as little as six months.

And with part-time and full-time study options available, and the choice to carry out distance learning, you’ll be able to make AAT work around you and your schedule.


What jobs can I do with AAT?

For many of those getting AAT qualified, one of the most popular career paths to choose is an accountancy. It’s also one of the most secure.

In fact, according to the 2019 AAT salary survey, job security levels for those with the qualification have increased since 2011 – from 74% to 85%

But what other careers can you pursues with an AAT qualification, and what level do you need to get started? Here are a just a few of the roles you’ll qualify for:


Accounts Assistant

What do they do? Provide administrative support to Accountants, assisting them with a range of day-to-day financial operations. This could involve anything from compiling data and processing payments, to reconciling invoices and tracking expenses.

What do I need? AAT Foundation Level 2 Distance Learning or AAT Foundation Level 2 Ondemand.

Salary expectations: £20,000.

Other jobs you can do with an AAT Level 2 qualification: Accounts Administrator, Accounts Payable Clerk, Trainee Accounting Technician.

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What do they do? Keep track of and oversee company spending by maintaining accurate financial records. Whether they’re preparing tax returns, managing profit and loss, or monitoring debt levels, it’s a Bookkeeper’s job to ensure an organisation’s outgoings and incomings are tracked effectively.

What do I need? AAT Advanced Level 3 Distance Learning or AAT Advanced Level 3 Ondemand.

Salary expectations: £24,000.

Other jobs you can do with an AAT Level 3 qualification: Finance Assistant, Audit Trainee, Credit Controller.

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Payroll Manager

What do they do? Ensure payroll account transactions are paid on time and correctly. This is achieved by developing effective payroll systems, maintaining accurate records, and collaborating with other members of the business. They’re also responsible for managing and coaching a payroll team.

What do I need? AAT Professional Level 4 Distance Learning or AAT Professional Level 4 Ondemand.

Salary expectations: £37,000.

Other jobs you can do with an AAT level 4 qualification: Tax Supervisor, Senior Finance Officer, Commercial Analyst.

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Other benefits of AAT

If you’re looking to work for yourself, AAT could be the perfect option. By learning the fundamentals of accountancy with an industry recognised qualification, you’ll have all the skills you need to start your own bookkeeping business.

In fact, 92% of AAT Licensed Accountants who are purely self-employed say they are ‘very’ or ‘quite’ satisfied, according to a 2019 AAT salary survey.   

Additional benefits of studying include:

  • You’ll gain versatile skills that are useful in every sector
  • You could use your internationally recognised qualification to work abroad
  • You could become a Chartered Accountant with further study
  • You could become an expert in your chosen field, whether it’s tax, audit, or credit management


Why study with Kaplan Financial?

Whatever study method or course you’re interested in, Kaplan have something for you.

Not only are they one of the UKs most respected course providers, offering industry leading training in accounting and business expertise, they also provide a wide range of different types of learning – including classroom, distance and online learning.

Other benefits of studying with Kaplan Financial include:

  • Exceptional pass rates across all of their courses
  • Interest free payment plans
  • Prices inclusive of exams and study materials
  • Industry leading support – whether online, or in class
  • World recognised qualifications, and endorsements from some of the UKs biggest businesses (including all of the top 10 accounting firms)


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Kaplan Financial are the UK leader in financial, accountancy and business training. Their mission is to help individuals achieve their goals and realise their potential.




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