Top companies hiring January 2021

OK, so 2021 isn’t exactly off to the best start…

However, even with the country recently entering Lockdown 3.0, it doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to remain optimistic this year. Especially when it comes to your job search. In fact, with thousands of new jobs added to every single day, and some of the biggest employers in the UK recruiting, now could be the perfect time to find your new start.

If you’re ready to say ‘New Year, New Career’, and actually mean it, here are five great companies searching for staff right now:



To put it simply, the NHS needs more people. And it needs them now. 

Our National Health Service has done an incredible job of keeping us safe throughout the pandemic, whilst also ensuring we have access to the essential medical care we need.

But with two new vaccines being rolled out across the country, and more COVID-19 cases being announced every day, it’s vital that we fill these roles as quickly as possible. Which is no small task, given there are literally thousands of jobs on offer – ranging from frontline medical staff, to administrators, carers, cleaners and more.

So, no matter what job you do, and no matter what field you’re in, you can help make a difference.

Roles in demand:

Benefits of working for the NHS include:

  • To work for one of the world’s largest and oldest employers
  • To help make a difference, every single day
  • To save lives

Join the fight. Join the NHS. 

Location: Throughout the UK. 

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Just Eat

Looking for a job that’s really in-demand? Did somebody say Just Eat?

For many of us, the home delivery giant has been an essential part of keeping spirits high throughout the last year. Not only has Just Eat allowed us to enjoy restaurant quality food despite the ongoing restrictions, it’s even managed to add to its portfolio during the pandemic – with hundreds of different dining options available.  

Just Eat would be nowhere without the army of excellent delivery people it has on board – which is why it’s always recruiting for new staff to deliver to our doors.

Roles in demand:

Benefits of working for Just Eat include:

  • Being your own boss, and managing your own schedule
  • Free access to the Just Eat network, meaning you’ll keep 100% of the fees
  • Weekly payment 

So whether you’re looking to kick-start Veganuary in-style, or you’re just a big fan of free food, Just Eat has got you covered.

Location: Throughout the UK, including right across Scotland, Chester, Cheltenham, Tonbridge and Torquay (to name just a few). 

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Holland & Barrett

Another unsung hero during the COVID-19 crisis has been Holland & Barrett.

Founded in 1870 by William Holland and Alfred Barrett, it’s one of the world’s leading health and wellness retailers. And it’s been able to stay open throughout the pandemic, meaning people still have access to the essential supplements and vitamins they need.

Holland & Barrett is committed to continuing to grow the health and wellness market for its customers in 2021, both in the UK and worldwide. But it can’t do it alone.  

Roles in demand:

Benefits of working for Holland & Barrett include:

  • Fantastic commission scheme
  • Excellent development opportunities
  • Comprehensive training across its full range of products

So, if you want to feel better about your career this year, apply for a role with Holland & Barrett today.

Location: Throughout the UK, including Kettering, Nuneaton and Leeds.

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When it comes to working for a company with a great track record, it doesn’t get much better than Deloitte. 

One of the ‘big four’ professional services firms, Deloitte provides tax advice, auditing, accountancy, financial consultancy and more – to businesses in 150 countries across the globe.

Deloitte has around 20,000 partners and staff in the UK alone, with hundreds of thousands employed worldwide. So, by joining the team, it means joining this incredible network of inspiring people. It also means working with fascinating clients, and career progress that never stops.

Roles in demand:

Benefits of working for Deloitte include:

  • Agile working, and flexible hours
  • Diverse and inclusive working environment
  • Regular programme of wellbeing activities throughout the year, to help keep your physical and mental health in check. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, apply now. 

Location: Throughout the UK, including London, Cardiff, Manchester and St. Albans. 

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If you love bargains (and/or great job opportunities), we might have found the perfect company for you.

Discount retailer B&M is searching for staff all throughout January. Another business that managed to trade throughout the pandemic, it worked tirelessly (and at personal risk) so that we can continue to buy our essential goods from its stores. All at the best prices possible.

In fact, it’s been so busy that staff received additional bonuses towards the end of the year. With more stores opening over the next few months, there’s never been a better time to join the team. 

Roles in demand:

Benefits of working for B&M include:

  • Competitive salaries, and a great pension scheme
  • Store discount from day one
  • Up to 33 days holiday per year 

Location: Throughout the UK, including Doncaster, Liverpool, Luton and Huddersfield. 

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*Yes, this is the genuine job title. Just imagine the business cards… 


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