Top companies hiring August 2021

There are lots of reasons to be optimistic in August.

First of all, we’ve enjoyed a great – albeit, slightly different – Olympic Games, with athletes from around the world providing a much needed sense of inspiration for all generations. Exam results days are also pending, and summer holidays are already in full swing. And with job numbers also seeing a 3% increase month-on-month, hope is definitely on the horizon when it comes to the jobs market too. Even if we can’t quite say the same when it comes to the weather report.

If you’re looking for work right now, here are just five companies hiring on this month:



Spent too much time on Amazon during lockdown? Why not work there?

The online shopping giant is hiring all throughout August, with thousands of roles on offer up and down the country. 

The majority of opportunities are available within its warehouses, with common tasks including picking and packing, as well as delivery fulfillment. No previous experience is required, and with virtual interviews offered as standard, Amazon guarantees a recruitment process that’s as fast and efficient as you’d expect.

Amazon Prime, eat your heart out. 

Roles in demand:

Why work for Amazon?

  • You’ll be working for one of the world’s biggest companies (something which will always look great on your CV)
  • You’ll have different shift options to choose from and flexible hours to suit your lifestyle
  • You won’t have to worry about paying full-price for Prime ever again

Location: Throughout the UK.  

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Blue Square

Blue Square is a retail marketing agency, reimagining how customer engagement works in today’s world. Which means combining the power of people, technology, and consumer insight to deliver moments that matter. 

Working with Blue Square means you’ll be the connection between brands and their audiences, so every day will be exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding. And with the chance to work for some of the country’s top names such as Samsung, Selfridges, HSBC and Harrods, there’s no better place to put your skills to the test. 

Roles in demand:

Some innovative projects Blue Square has worked on recently include:

  • HP’s first virtual store in Europe 
  • An elite gaming tournament for Samsung
  • Introducing ‘colour coaches’ for Valspar, helping improve people’s paint purchases during lockdown

Location: Throughout the UK, including Hertfordshire, St. Helens, Milton Keynes, Watford, Northampton and more. 

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Claire’s is one of the world’s biggest clothing accessory retailers, helping kids of all ages find their style in 9,000 stores all over the globe.

Selling a unique range of products, from bags and toys to stationery, jewellery and make up, in a fun and vibrant environment, the 40 year old company is dedicated to helping its customers make memories. Whether it’s through great products, excellent in-store experiences, or just, you know, through copious amounts of glitter.

This month, Claire’s is looking to add team members in stores across the country, with additional vacancies in its Birmingham-based head office. 

Roles in demand:

Three reasons to work for Claire’s:

  • To work for an incredibly diverse and inclusive brand which stands for self-expression for girls and women of all ages
  • To help give back to the community (for example, Claire’s has donated tens of millions to charities promoting anti-bullying over the last few years) 
  • To get 50% off everything in store 

Location: Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, North Yorkshire, and lots of other places not ending in ‘shire’ up and down the country.  

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Newcastle Building Society

Formed in 1980, Newcastle Building Society started out with a simple goal: to connect communities in the north east with a better financial future.

Over 40 years later, the company has helped millions of people obtain mortgages, buy houses, provide for their families, and save for the future. And it’s not stopping there. 

Newcastle Building Society is looking to add to its 1,200 UK employees, both in branch and in its headquarters. And whether you’re working as a customer advisor, an analyst, or a UX designer, you’ll be working to help make things better within your community. One account at a time.

Looking for a great career up north? You can bank on it.  

Roles in demand:

Benefits of working for Newcastle Building Society include:

  • Free gym access
  • Childcare vouchers, free eye tests and subsidised eye care
  • An excellent employee assistance programme to help keep your mental health in check

Location: The north east. 

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Safestore is the UK’s number one choice for self storage, allowing its customers to store goods or possessions from as little as a week and for as long as they need.

It now operates 125 UK locations, where spaces can all be booked online at the touch of a button and can be moved into immediately. And what does it take to ensure this seamless level of service? Spoiler alert: it all comes down to the right staff. 

Sales assistants and consultants are particularly in demand in August, with no previous experience necessary to get started. Just excellent communication skills, as well as a passion for sales and a willingness to learn.

If that sounds like you (and/or you want to save up to 50% on your own storage solutions) find your new start with Safestore today.  

Roles in demand:

Reasons people choose Safestore:

  • Because they’re moving house or renovating, and need somewhere to store their items temporarily
  • To store things with sentimental value, and ensure they have round the clock security (and won’t get lost or damaged in the loft)
  • Because they have too many things filed under ‘might come in handy one day’, and can no longer justify it to their spouse or significant other

Location: Bristol, Cardiff, London, Leeds and more locations throughout the country. 

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