Top 10 Freelance Job Categories and Companies That Hire

10 Top Freelancing Job Categories

If you’ve been considering a freelance career (or if you’ve already started one), you’re not alone. Nearly 35% of U.S. workers now freelance (57 million people), and amongst millennials that figure rises to 40%. Additionally, Statista estimates that in 2027, the number of freelancers will rise to 86.5 million.

With so many professionals in the U.S. engaged in freelance careers, we wanted to highlight some of the top career fields for freelancers and the companies hiring. These 10 categories have the highest amount of freelance openings on FlexJobs.

Why Freelance Work Is Growing

Freelance jobs can be a win-win for both companies and professionals. When it comes to companies, freelancing helps connect them to the best talent for their projects and to manage their staffing commitments in a more nimble way.

In turn, freelancing professionals report feeling that they have more control over their career, schedules, and workload. According to our survey of freelancers, 84% of respondents say that having a flexible schedule is the top benefit of freelancing. And 51% of freelancers in a Freelancers Union survey said that no amount of money would entice them to take a traditional job. It’s been projected that skilled freelancers even earn more per hour than 70% of U.S. workers. With all of these benefits, freelance work is appealing to more and more people.

10 Top Freelancing Job Categories

1. Writing

What They Do: Every organization needs a good writer to help convey their message and keep clear communication between a company and the world. Writing is a popular freelance choice, with the BLS reporting that 61% of writers are self-employed.

Recent Freelance Writing Jobs:

  • Food Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Senior Medical Writer

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance writing jobs.

2. Computer & IT

What They Do: From helping with software issues to building operating systems, the computer and IT industry is an ever-evolving field. A study on Freelancing in America shows that a large majority of this career field freelances—42% freelance and 56% are employed full-time.

Recent Freelance Computer & IT Jobs: 

  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Technical Support Agent
  • Technology Architect

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance computer & IT jobs.

3. Software Development

What They Do: They design and maintain websites for businesses and also create programs for businesses. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that job growth from 2018 to 2028 will be extremely strong with a 21% growth rate (much faster than the average 5% rate for all other jobs).

Recent Freelance Software Development Jobs: 

  • Front End Developer – Mobile
  • WordPress Developer
  • Senior Python Developer

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance software development jobs.

4. Accounting & Finance

What They Do: Accounting and finance careers involve the processing of financial data, handling accounts payables and receivables, organizing records, and assisting with tax preparation. The job growth outlook for careers in this field depends on what role you choose. According to the BLS, bookkeepers, accounting, and auditing clerks will see a 4% decline in job growth over the next 10 years, while financial analysts will see 6% growth and personal financial advisors will see 7% growth.

Recent Freelance Accounting & Finance Jobs: 

  • Accounts Payable Processor
  • Accounting Associate
  • Bookkeeper

Companies Hiring: 

Find freelance accounting & finance jobs.

5. Project Management

What They Do: Project managers develop requirements, budgets, and schedules for their firms’ information technology, development, or production projects.

Recent Freelance Project Management Jobs: 

  • Project Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Project Management Coordinator

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance project management jobs.

6. Administrative

What They Do: Perhaps one of the biggest industries that uses freelancers, people who work as administrative staff provide a supporting (yet important) role to their boss and their overall company as they manage communications, handle personal matters, and oversee busy teams.

Recent Freelance Administrative Jobs: 

  • Executive Assistant
  • Training Administrative Support
  • Virtual Assistant

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance administrative jobs.

7. Online Content

What They Do: Online content involves the written and graphic content that appears on websites and other forms of online advertising, entertainment, and corporate sites. Skills needed for working in online content can include writing, editing, marketing, graphic design, SEO, SEM, and social media.

Recent Freelance Online Content Jobs: 

  • Web Content Writer
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Blog Writer

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance online content jobs.

8. Education & Training

What They Do: Education and training professionals act as facilitators to learning by using classroom or virtual presentations or individual instruction to help students learn complex subjects. The BLS expects this career field to grow 5% over the next 10 years, which is an average growth rate.

Recent Freelance Education & Training Jobs: 

  • Learning Experience Coordinator
  • Curriculum Specialist
  • Chemistry Teacher

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance education & training jobs.

9. Medical & Health

What They Do: Health and medical careers can involve working in health sciences or healthcare, providing medical research and services, or lifestyle management. Many health occupations involve giving medical care or support to people, as well as complimentary health information services like insurance, billing, coding, transcription, and scheduling. The BLS projects a much faster than average growth rate for this field, at 14% growth.

Recent Freelance Medical & Health Jobs: 

  • Medicaid Claims Analyst
  • Provider Contract Specialist
  • Medication Adherence Technician

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance medical & health jobs.

10. Editing

What They Do: Making sure copy reads well, aligns with the company’s mission, and is free of errors are some responsibilities of an editor. This popular freelance category has 14% self-employed workers, according to the BLS. And the title of editor made it to FlexJobs’ top 20 list of the most popular remote job titles on our site.

Recent Freelance Editing Jobs: 

  • Medical Editor/Proofreader
  • Associate Editor
  • Digital Content Editor

Companies That Hire:

Find freelance editing jobs.

Continue Your Freelance Job Search with FlexJobs

At FlexJobs, we update our freelance job listings daily. And we have many more categories than just the 10 above. We have over 50 career areas that contain open freelance jobs, along with other forms of work flexibility, such as remote work and part-time schedules.

If you use FlexJobs for your freelance job search, you are guaranteed a scam-free and safe experience. We never post ads or shady opportunities, and we verify every job and employer that goes onto our job board. Rest assured you’ll only find the best freelance jobs available!


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