Three ways to upskill for free in 2021

Let’s face it, upskilling has never been more important… 

Whether you want to change careers, you’re looking to improve your performance in your current job, or you just want to develop your skills – finding affordable learning opportunities can be difficult. That is, until right now. 

We spoke to vision2learn, one of the UK’s top providers of free courses, to find three (totally free) courses that’ll help you upskill in 2021: 


Take a free mental health course

Right now, there are many children and young people suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress.  

The pandemic has only accelerated this issue, with isolating measures like remote learning, reduced contact with friends, and difficulty finding work (if you’re a recent graduate) taking a toll on many people’s mental health. 

Looking to help them? This free Online Children & Young People’s Mental Health Level 2 Course will enable you to learn about children and young people’s mental health in context, exploring key factors which may affect their mental wellbeing. 

Through developing your awareness of children and young people’s mental health concerns, and the impact they have on their daily lives, you’ll learn how to help and support them effectively.

You’ll also learn how to spot mental health issues, understanding the behaviour that is associated with particular conditions. 

Perfect for: People who want to understand children and young people’s mental health. 

Start free mental health course now


Take a free business and admin course

Business and admin skills are useful in almost every industry – from marketing and operations to HR, personnel, and accounting. 

This means that a firm grasp of basic working practices is an essential requirement for many careers. So, are your skills up to the job? 

This free Online Business and Administration course examines the day-to-day workings of real-world companies, teaching you the techniques that are essential to their successful operation.

Through practical and up-to-date insights into working practices, this course will enable you to develop your skills and boost your performance in the workplace – not to mention improve your employability for a wide variety of roles. 

You’ll also learn about key topics such as event management, budgeting, communication, managing change in business, producing documents, and much more. 

Perfect for: People who want to talk (and do) business. 

Start free business & admin course now


Take a free IT course

Looking to master Word? Need to nail a presentation? Don’t know your VLOOKUP from your SUMIF? Look no further. 

This free Online IT User Skills Course provides the perfect foundation for anyone looking to learn, grow, or develop their tech skills.

Focusing on widely used Microsoft Office software, such as Word, Powerpoint, and Excel, this course will enable you to develop intermediate knowledge of these popular programmes – whether it’s learning how to manage and structure a document, format and animate a slide deck, or create, manage, and analyse a spreadsheet. 

And with a number of careers relying on Microsoft Office as their bread and butter, your skills will undoubtedly help you improve your productivity and progress in a variety of different careers. 

So whether you’re looking to develop your IT proficiency within your current role, or you’re looking to gain the skills needed to change careers, this course is for you.  

Perfect for: People who want to master Microsoft Office.

Start free IT course now


Why study with vision2learn?

vision2learn offer courses funded by the UK government, which are delivered and accredited in partnership with a further education college.  

They’ve helped thousands of people to advance their skills and progress in their career, studying everything from customer service, business and IT, through to nutrition and healthcare.

Benefits of studying with them include:

  • Access to FREE courses in work-related areas
  • A convenient way to update your skills and boost your CV
  • Gaining a Level 2 nationally accredited qualification
  • Flexible studying options
  • UK-based support team and a one-to-one dedicated tutor


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Interested in taking a free course? Talk to vision2learn today.



vision2learn is one of the UK’s top providers of free courses, helping thousands of people across the world to get certified and progress in their careers. 

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