The top courses to help you get hired May 2020

OK, this year may not be going as planned so far… 

But that doesn’t mean May won’t be the month where everything starts looking up. We can’t help you leave the house again, but we can make sure the time you’re stuck indoors is well spent. At least when it comes to learning something new. 

Here are three of the best subjects and courses you could be studying this May: 


Web development 

Looking for the code to change the world (and also, to build websites)? It’s time to learn it. 

If you’re mathematically minded and enjoy making things work, a web development course could be the perfect option for you. In addition to broadening your knowledge in an exciting field, you’ll also open yourself up to a number of career opportunities. See also: excellent salary prospects.  

Covering core coding languages (such as HTML5, CSS3, Python, and more) this Full Stack Web Developer course is the perfect place to start. It teaches all aspects of front end and back end web design and allows you to build and effectively present a portfolio of projects to show to employers.

In other words, it’ll make applying for your dream job much easier.  

With a focus on getting students career ready, the course is validated by tech industry experts such as Morgan McKinley, PayPal, GSK, Accenture and more. And, its content is reviewed regularly to ensure it includes the latest industry language. 

Ready to start coding? Figure out how you can help fill the IT skills gap now. 

Perfect for: People who like to build (without getting their hands dirty). 

What do I need? No prerequisites. All you’ll need is a passion for coding and a willingness to learn. 

How long will it last? The course can be studied at your own pace, but lasts an average of around six months. 

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Cyber security 

These days, everything’s done online – even stealing. 

This means keeping personal and company data secure and protected is more important than ever. But cyber criminals can’t be fought off with a locked door and an alarm system. 

Instead, companies need a team of professionals operating at the frontline of their networks to fend off virtual attacks. And that’s where you come in. 

Not only is cyber security an extremely useful skill to have in both today’s world and in the future, it’s also something that never gets boring – thanks to the evolving technology that makes cyber hacking and security a forever advancing field. 

Ready to fight (online) crime? Packed with everything you need to become a cyber security expert, this Premium Cyber Security Collection includes a plethora of globally recognised certifications – from CompTIA and CCNA to CEH and CISM. 

On completion of this course, lucrative roles in cyber security, ethical hacking, and network security could be well within your reach. 

Or, if you’re looking for a shorter course, the Cyber Security Collection is also a great way to gain holistic insights into the field – awarding learners with CompTiA and CEH qualifications. 

Perfect for: People who do all their fighting online. 

What do I need? There are no specific entry requirements to get started, but having some understanding of the basics of cyber security is beneficial.  

How long will it last? Both courses can be studied online and entirely at your own pace.

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Project management 

What if you could manage a project from start to finish? 

If you’re looking to get ahead in project management, look no further than PRINCE2®. 

As a globally recognised measure of proficiency in project management, it’s sought after by a range of employers, and often a prerequisite for roles in the field. By learning how to apply the most important principles in a practical way, becoming PRINCE2® qualified will allow you to develop your skills and advance your leadership career. 

Not only will it improve your career prospects, it’ll also greatly increase your earning potential, with fully qualified PRINCE2® professionals earning an average of £50,000.  

This PRINCE2® Foundation course provides a perfect introduction into PRINCE2® methodologies, including modules in everything from project organisation, planning and risk, and business cases, through to identifying the characteristics, risks, and themes of a project.  

The best part of project management? You get to tell people what to do – and you actually get paid for it. What’s not to like? 

Perfect for: People who like control. No, really. 

What do I need? There are no prerequisites to get started, but some experience in managing teams could be helpful. 

How long will it last? The course is online and self-paced, meaning you’re free to complete it at a speed that suits you. 

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