The top courses to help you get hired March 2020

Is it really March already? 

Whilst the year may feel like it’s flying by, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to set yourself a goal. If you’re hoping to find a new career in 2020 or you just want to expand your skills and boost your CV, taking an online course can be the perfect tool for self-development. 

To help inspire you, here are three of the top sectors you can get qualified in this March: 



Ready to take the law into your own hands? Start with a course.   

With a range of qualifications available on, in everything from family, commercial, international, and environmental law, right through to business, medical, and employment law, there’ll be an area and level to suit you. 

This Level 6 Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) is the perfect first step for those who have already completed a non-law related degree, but want to get one step closer to becoming a fully-qualified Solicitor or Barrister. 

This flexible course allows you to study in one of the many locations around the country, and teaches students to think like a lawyer and develop practical legal skills. Looking to study part-time or overseas? With lectures available as recordings online, you’ll be able to study anytime, anywhere.  

Or, if you want to study at a higher level (e.g. Master’s), the Level 7 Online MA Law course could be the perfect choice for you. It also offers a great route into the field of law, allowing you to stand out to employers whilst keeping your career options open. 

Perfect for: People who object to crime. 

What do I need? To enrol in either of the above courses, you’ll need an undergraduate degree in any discipline – with the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) requiring a minimum of a 2:2, and the Online MA Law course, asking students to have a minimum of a 2:1 upon entry. 

How long will it last? This will depend if you study full-time or part-time – with the latter taking longer to complete. 

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Think GDPR is just another acronym? Think again. 

Whether you run your own business or you’re employed by someone else, having a strong knowledge of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is essential. 

Not only will your expertise help ensure your business adheres to the law, it also opens the door to a number of brand new opportunities that have come up since the legislation was introduced. Ready to delve into the world of GDPR? 

This online GDPR Level 3 Training course is designed to provide students with a strong insight into everything related to GDPR. On completion, you’ll have the confidence and core skills needed to ensure compliance at every level.

GDPR Level 3 Training is CPD Accredited, which means it’s a form of Continuing Professional Development that’s recognised by schools and employers across the UK. 

The syllabus is broken down into seven easy to digest modules (from an introduction to GDPR right through to the role of the DPO), some of which end with interactive quiz questions. The course culminates in a final multiple-choice assessment – making the content fun and easy-to-digest. 

What’s more, you’ll benefit from 24/7 access to course materials, alongside a dedicated tutor support service.  

Perfect for: People who want to brush up on their acronyms. 

What do I need? As the course is designed for beginners, you won’t need any specific skills or experience to enrol. 

How long will it last? It is estimated that the course takes about 30 hours to complete and students have access to the course materials for 12 months after enrolling. 

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Personal Training 

It’s time to get personal (with fitness). 

Thanks to the growing popularity of social media, the fitness industry has blown up in recent years. With an online platform for PTs and fitness gurus to connect and share their services and expertise with their customers, careers in this industry are becoming more in demand – and easier to carry out.

Want to become part of the fitness revolution? 

Whether you’re looking to start a career as a Personal Trainer, or you’re already in the industry and you want to boost your skillset – the accredited Fitness Diploma could be for you.

Offering a comprehensive syllabus that’s supported by experienced tutors (and co-written by a fitness expert with over 15 years experience in the industry), this online course will provide you with everything you need to know to succeed in this thriving sector.

Broken down into 32 modules that cover everything from basic anatomy, diet, and fitness, to nutritional goal setting, group personal training, and customer care, the varied syllabus offers a holistic look into the world of fitness. 

You’ll also receive ongoing online support from experienced tutors, and the exam and certificate is fully included in the price. What’s not to like?

Perfect for: People who put fitness first.

What do I need? You don’t need any existing qualifications to take this course, as it is open to students of all levels and backgrounds. 

How long will it last? The course is entirely online and self-paced so you can work through the modules at a rate that suits you. 

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