The top courses to help you get hired June 2022

If you’re looking to learn something new this June, we’ve got you covered… 

Whether you’re looking to develop your event management skills (cue: summer BBQs) or you want to gain skills that’ll help you progress in your career, there’ll be something for you on Reed Courses.  

So pull up a (deck) chair; here’s what’s popular right now: 


Learn about food hygiene

If you want to succeed in a catering or hospitality role, specialist knowledge on food hygiene that complies with the Food Safety Act 1990 is essential. 

Luckily, there are a number of courses that’ll teach you exactly that. Not only will you learn about the risks and hazards involved in preparing and serving food, you’ll also gain an in-depth understanding of food hygiene best practice procedures. 

That’s bound to get you a five star rating… 

Perfect for: People who want to cook up a (really clean) storm. 

We recommend: The Food Hygiene and Safety Level 3 Course from Training Express Ltd.

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Learn British sign language

Learning sign language will give you the ability to communicate with the 430 million people all over the world that suffer from disabling hearing loss*. 

In addition to this, you’ll be able to interact more effectively with babies and people with learning differences, autism, or dyslexia – who often find it easier to understand sign language than spoken language. 

Looking for a sign to start studying? This is it. 

Perfect for: People who want to communicate in more ways than one.

We recommend: The British Sign Language (BSL) Level 1 & 2 Course from Janets

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Learn about health & social care

When was the last time you gave your skills a health check? 

Health & social care workers are always in-demand, in everything from hospitals and care homes, to people’s own homes or within the community.

By taking a course in health & social care, you could gain the key skills needed to boost your employability for healthcare assistant or care worker roles, whether you’re new to the industry or are looking to progress in your career.

Perfect for: People who care

We recommend: The Health & Social Care Course from Inspire London College Ltd

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Learn to become a teaching assistant

Want to work with children, but don’t want to go to university? A career as a teaching assistant could be for you. 

Unlike those looking to become teachers, you won’t need a degree – but you will need a fully regulated teaching assistant qualification. This will teach you the fundamentals of assisting a teacher, enabling you to work with children between the ages of 15 to 18. 

Think you could pass with flying colours? Start studying today. 

Perfect for: People who want to inspire future generations. 

We recommend: The CACHE Level 3 Teaching Assistant (RQF) Course from The Learning College Group

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Learn about Microsoft Excel 

Want to gain fundamental IT skills? It’s time to Excel… 

Used by 750 million people worldwide, Microsoft Excel is the number one choice for presenting and analysing data. Not only is it a useful tool in many jobs, it could also help you manage aspects of your personal life, from finances to social events. 

By taking a course in Excel, you’ll learn how to master pivot tables, macros, vba, data analysis, and more. Basically, if you’re looking for the formula for success, this is it. 

Perfect for: People who want to be one of those ‘spreadsheet people’. 

We recommend: The Microsoft Excel from A-Z: Beginner To Expert Course from Lunes Online Learning

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*Source: The World Health Organisation (WHO) 




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