The top courses to help you get hired June 2021

Summer is finally here… 

And you know what that means? It’s the perfect time to plan for the new academic year. And you know, get a tan. However, whilst we can’t guarantee the sun will stay out all summer, we can give you a variety of ways to learn. Your chances of getting certified have never been better. 

Here are six of the top courses to sign up for this June: 



Effective management is important for every single business – big or small. 

Centred around the inner workings of an organisation, it relies on the expertise of qualified professionals to lead the way. Literally. 

And whether you’re working in management directly as a manager, or your role involves elements of leadership and management – a strong grasp of communication, decision making skills, and strategic thinking is essential. 

Perfect for: People who can manage anything.

Top courses: The Management and International Business (Online) – MSc and the International Human Resource Management – MA from Birmingham City University, Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Management and International Business (Online) – MSc

This CMI accredited MSc will teach you the fundamental skills and attributes you need to become a successful international manager. It takes 1-2 years to complete, depending on whether you study part-time or full-time, and you’ll need an honours degree at 2:2 or above to get started. 

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International Human Resource Management (Classroom) – MA

This MA is ideal for people who want to qualify professionally with the CIPD. Combining real work experience of human resource management with academic qualifications, it brings a strategic view to the topics covered. It takes 1 year to complete, and an honours degree at 2:2 or above is required to enroll.

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Finance is an extremely broad field, with hundreds of jobs to choose from – whether you want to work in banking, insurance, tax, pensions, or accounting.

With the right credentials, you could work for one of the ‘big four’ accountancy and professional services firms (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC), alongside some of the UK’s biggest high street banks and building societies. 

What’s more, with an average starting salary of £30,000 a year for new graduates, and the potential to earn more as you gain further experience and qualifications, it’s certainly a lucrative industry to work in. 

Perfect for: People who want to be smart with money. 

Top courses: The International Finance (Online) – MSc and the Finance – MSc from Birmingham City University, Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

International Finance Masters (Online) – MSc

This comprehensive study programme for international finance will allow you to develop a career in banking, or at any financial institution that deals with international operations. You’ll get qualified in 1-2 years, and you’ll need an honours degree at 2:2 or above to start studying.

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Finance Masters (Classroom) – MSc

This MSc is an ideal choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in financial institutions, private equity, or corporate financial management, allowing you to gain skills in analytics, computing, research, and problem solving. It takes 1 year to complete when studied full-time, and a 2:2 (or above) honours degree is required.

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Business Administration 

Business administration focuses on the functions of all parts of an organisation, from marketing and advertising, to finance and HR. 

This means a variety of exciting jobs require business administration skills, including HR directors, financial controllers, and advertising executives. You could also be a business administrator in everything from schools, hospitals, and banks, to government agencies, non-profit organisations, real estate firms, manufacturing industries, and more.

Your day-to-day would be varied too, involving tasks such as analysing data and market trends, developing policies to improve business efficiency, and managing an organisation’s finances. 

Perfect for: People who want to make a business work. 

Top courses: The Online MBA – MBA and the Doctorate of Business Administration (Part Time) – DBA from Birmingham City University, Faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences.

Master of Business Administration (Online) – MBA

This MBA explores the complexity and diversity of business in an increasingly interconnected and multicultural world, enabling you to gain key management skills based on today’s market developments. It takes 1-2 years to get qualified, and an honours degree at 2:2 or above is a prerequisite.

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Doctorate of Business Administration (Online) – DBA

Through this internationally established highest level qualification, you’ll be able to earn your doctorate without putting your career on hold. It takes 4 years to complete, and you’ll need an MA, MSc, or MBA degree in a business related subject, as well as 5 years professional experience to get started.

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