Remote Job Lets Woman Plan Her Future

Success Story: Remote Job Lets Woman Plan Her Future

Flexible and remote work offers a lot of advantages over traditional jobs. Some people choose a remote job so they can work from wherever they want, whenever they want. For others, a flexible job means they can fit work into their lives, not the other way around.

For Jean B., a flexible and remote job gives her the ability to continue working and visit her children no matter where life takes them.

Planning for Remote Work

For over a year, Jean prepared to transition to a remote job. She knows her college-aged children will soon be on their own. “I wanted to be free to visit them wherever they end up living, yet continue to work,” she says.

Jean searched for remote and flexible jobs online. However, her efforts proved fruitless. “I applied to over 130 jobs online and had given up trying. I honestly had no success despite having what I considered related experience, an accredited course, and a national certification exam.”

Then, she saw the ad for FlexJobs and “decided to give it one more try.”

Success Came Quickly

Jean believes that FlexJobs is “absolutely the best resource for finding work.” She adds, “I only applied to approximately 10 to 12 jobs” on FlexJobs before finding her current position as a coding specialist at Ciox Health. Now she works 100% remotely and no longer feels “trapped by a schedule.”

Her new schedule gives her control over her life. “I can set my own schedule as long as I fulfill my weekly hours. I can work longer days in order to have more days off if I wish.”

And, Jean feels that while she’s able to participate in a variety of activities, she’s also accomplishing more at work. “I can work and feel productive, yet have time for personal interests such as the gym and walking my dog during the day,” she says.

While her new position is already giving her a fuller and more productive life, Jean knows she’s on the best path for her future. “I will be able to travel and visit my children while continuing to have an interesting career.”

If you want to find job search success like Jean, and join the growing ranks of our success stories, consider using FlexJobs for your job hunt. You’ll find verified, legitimate jobs in a variety of flexible work options.


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