Nine of the biggest learning trends of 2021 (and how to study for free)

2020 was…different. 

For office workers, the ‘new normal’ is now centred around remote working – with adaptation, resilience, and emotional intelligence increasingly vital traits. What’s more, many of us are looking for new jobs, and employers are hiring for brand new types of positions. But what learning trends will take precedence in 2021, and how can you gain the skills to get ahead? 

Here are nine of the biggest learning trends of 2021, and the (free) courses that’ll help you advance your skillset in the right way: 


Emotional intelligence is critical for leaders  

Whilst the importance of soft skills in business has always been growing, the pandemic has pushed them even further up the ranks. 

Things like emotional intelligence, an understanding approach, good communication and listening skills, and empathy are now becoming increasingly core traits for all employees. Especially for those in leadership positions. 

This means that an ability to interact effectively with colleagues, support them through uncertain times, and inspire them to do a good job are just a few of the attributes employers will look for in their prospective leaders of 2021.  

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Good tech skills are key to the success of remote working

Not ready to leave your home office? You probably don’t have to just yet. 

Many companies adopted remote working in 2020, and this ‘work from home’ culture is likely to remain (at least in some capacity) throughout 2021. Even industries that didn’t previously rely on tech are now adapting to an approach that enables remote working; making IT proficiency important for almost everyone.  

So whether you need to get a grasp of the basics of IT, you’re keen on mastering collaborative working tools, or you’re looking to learn to code, developing your tech skills will certainly boost your employability this year. 

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Upskilling will fuel company growth 

With a growing reliance on tech, the evolving nature of job roles, and the development of certain skills vital for a future-proof workforce, retraining and upskilling is now more important than ever.  

L&D, HR, and training staff are expected to continue to be in-demand, making a candidate’s ability to identify skills gaps and create training solutions to fill them an extremely valuable skill in 2021. 

The world of L&D will also have to adapt to online learning and the changing nature of work, which may involve the development of new training schemes and support. 

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Transport and logistics is going places 

Let’s face it – if it wasn’t for the people who worked tirelessly to deliver essential products and services in the midst of a pandemic, 2020 would have been an even tougher year. 

Transport and logistics isn’t just an industry that’s always moving, it’s also one that will continue to recruit throughout 2021. Especially with many organisations increasing their use of e-commerce (i.e. delivering products directly to consumers) for greater efficiency. 

Looking for a green light? Start studying now. 

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Mindfulness and mental health awareness is paramount

With mental health issues in the UK hitting highs during the pandemic, your wellbeing shouldn’t be something you ignore in 2021. 

Not only is it important for your general happiness, it’s also the key to maintaining your productivity. After all, nobody does their best work when they’re burned out. 

Whether you want to learn about how to manage your own mental health, or you want to improve your understanding of those around you – there are a number of (free) ways to ensure your year starts in a good place. 

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A new wave of entrepreneurship is coming 

If 2020 made you seriously consider the possibility of becoming your own boss, you’re not alone. 

Instead of seeking employment in a competitive job market, many people have decided that 2021 is the year to pursue their own business ventures. In other words, that side hustle you dedicated lockdown to could finally grow some legs. 

What’s more, COVID-19 has brought on a multitude of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, allowing them to fill the newfound gaps in the market with inventive products and services. 

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There’ll be a continued focus on the health & care industry

It comes as no surprise that the NHS are desperate for new recruits right now – and this demand isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. 

Not only are healthcare professionals needed to save lives during the pandemic, they’re also vital to the general health and wellbeing of the entire country. 

We’re not saying you’ll be able learn all areas of healthcare for free – but there are a number of free courses that will help develop your skills, improve your knowledge, and set the groundwork for starting a career in health and care. 

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The way we buy and consume products is changing 

Consumer behaviour has changed during the pandemic. 

With reduced in-store shopping experiences alongside a shift in consumer need, companies need to try harder to engage with their customers – through effective marketing, sales, and customer service

And because businesses are revisiting their approach and the market is becoming increasingly competitive, skills in this area will be particularly useful in 2021. 

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Standing out from the crowd is more important than ever 

The job market is competitive – so you need to be too. 

Luckily, there are a number of (totally free) resources to help you prepare for an interview, write the perfect CV, and stand out from the crowd – including career advice from the experts and free courses in job search skills

Make 2021 the year you land your next job. 

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