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We’re proud to support #KeepBritainWorking. 

The campaign, which is being backed by business leaders across the UK, was set up to help us navigate the ever-changing world of work. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and beyond.

Here are some more details on #KeepBritainWorking – and what you can do to get involved: 


What is #KeepBritainWorking? 


The objective of the Keep Britain Working campaign is simple: to help preserve jobs and to protect livelihoods.

That means connecting businesses with a growing demand for workers with those who may have been furloughed or been made redundant from other roles.

It also means giving the UK workforce a voice when it comes to suggesting the best ways to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Both in terms of sharing ideas, and getting them in front of some of the biggest businesses in the UK.   

So whether you’re currently looking for work, or simply seeking ways to keep your company going throughout these uncertain times, we’re here to help.


Who is supporting the #KeepBritainWorking campaign?

#KeepBritainWorking was co-founded by James Reed, Chairman and CEO of the REED group. 

The campaign has already been backed by a number of businesses and their leaders. Some of the top names include James Timpson and Lord Alan Sugar, politicians Rt Hon Penny Mourdant MP and Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP as well as industry bodies like the CBI and Recruitment & Employment Confederation. 

James Reed launched a similar campaign following the financial crisis of 2008/9.


How can I get involved? 

There are three ways you can get involved with the #KeepBritainWorking campaign right now:

  1. Sign up – Make your own pledge in the fight to #KeepBritainWorking. It costs nothing to sign-up, but your support will make a real difference.
  2. Share an idea – Share your own ideas of how you think we can get through the COVID-19 crisis. In the workplace, and beyond. 
  3. Pledge your support – Once you’ve made your pledge, share it on your social media to help spread the word. 


There are lots of templates and suggestions on, to help get you started. So whatever your message, it’s never been easier to get involved. 



What can businesses do?

First and foremost, pledge your support to help #KeepBritainWorking.

You can also use the site to get in touch with the team – whether you need to grow your workforce quickly in order to meet current demand, and you’re interested in temporarily redeploying your workforce.

Additionally, there are lots of free resources available to help with everything from free DBS checks, through to using to advertise jobs for key workers for free.   

Simply visit to find out how to redeploy your workforce, and much more.

We believe that everyone has their part to play in helping us get through COVID-19.

Together, we will get through this. Together, we can #KeepBritainWorking.



 Want to join the fight? Visit right now to find out more.


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