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Product Owners work with a product development or scrum team to organise, develop, and deliver products that deliver the highest possible value to a company and its customers.

They’re responsible for leading projects from start to finish, focusing on developing and maintaining a clear strategic vision, that’s reflected in the products created by developers. This involves overseeing scrum meetings and prioritising the product backlog in tune with business goals.

Product Owners also act as a direct point of contact between teams, customers, and stakeholders, ensuring all parties are on the same page.

Other key tasks and duties for a Product Owner include:

  • Defining and maintaining the product vision
  • Managing and prioritising the product backlog
  • Understanding and anticipating clients’ needs
  • Acting as a liaison between teams, other internal stakeholders, and clients
  • Overseeing product development
  • Evaluating progress and Identifying areas for improvement

As a Product Owner is primarily responsible for the management and smooth running of product development, excellent leadership and organisational skills are a must.

And, because your role will revolve around a user story that transforms into a product feature, it’s equally important to be a great storyteller who knows exactly what the customer wants.

The ability to mediate and resolve conflict is also vital – especially when bridging the gap between teams.

Successful Product Owners should also be:

  • A good delegator
  • An excellent communicator
  • Goal-orientated
  • Able to understand and communicate a product vision
  • Able to say no
  • Curious

Product Assistant

Up to £22,000

Product Owner

Up to £40,000

Senior Product Owner

Up to £60,000

Being a Product Owner is something I really just fell into. But it ended up being the perfect role for me. Not only is it a chance to put my project management skills to the test, it also allows me to make a real impact when it comes to what the business chooses to focus on. Like any job, there are ups and downs. Especially when it comes to communicating with a bunch of different people, with different goals. But I actually love ironing out the roadblocks. I guess I’m just a bit of a geek.

Get qualified

Whilst formal qualifications aren’t always required, employers prefer candidates who are qualified and knowledgeable in their chosen field. A degree, a course in marketing or business (depending on your expertise), or a course designed specifically for Product Owners, such as the Scrum Product Owner course or the Scrum Complete Bundle could be particularly beneficial.

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