How to become a Cleaner

Is your CV spotless? Are you looking for a  career without the  clutter? You should be a cleaner…

Cleaners work across a range of different environments such as private homes, schools, hotels, offices, hospitals, airports or any place that requires a dedicated cleaner. 

A cleaner is responsible for keeping the area they work in clean, tidy and hygienic – this is particularly important if they work in a location like a hospital or food premises, where strict health and safety regulations must be adhered to. Cleaners can also choose to specialise in specific types of cleaning. For example, cleaning carpets and upholstery or clearing and cleaning empty properties that are going up for sale. 

Cleaners can be employed full time, work shifts or be self-employed. 

The tasks a cleaner carries out will depend on where they work but could include: 

  • Vacuuming floors and hallways
  • Dusting and polishing
  • Emptying bins 
  • Sanitising bathrooms
  • Performing deep cleans of properties or kitchens
  • Refilling hygiene stations for customer use
  • Monitoring and ordering cleaning supplies

To become a cleaner, great attention to detail and the ability to work methodically are essential. Cleaning is a very hands-on job and requires a basic level of fitness as you could be moving large equipment around, shifting furniture or lifting boxes or bags. 

Some cleaning jobs may require you to understand specific health and safety regulations, but this isn’t necessary for every cleaning job. 

Other key skills for cleaners include: 

  • Customer service skills
  • Clear communication 
  • Excellent time management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Trustworthiness 
  • Ability to take direction from others


Up to 20,000

Cleaning supervisor

Up to 25,000

Cleaning manager

Up to 36,000

Get qualified

You won’t necessarily need a specific qualification to become a cleaner. However, getting certified may help you stand out to employers, not to mention help lay the foundations for anyone looking to start their own cleaning business in the future. 

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