Four ways to celebrate Pride at home

June is Pride month…

Usually, it’s a time for parades, and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. However, with COVID-19 limiting how we’re able to mark the occasion, things are undoubtedly a little different this year. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of excellent ways to celebrate.

To help inspire you, here are just four great ways you can still be celebrating Pride (even in lockdown).


Virtual Pride events

OK, so many of this year’s parades have been cancelled for health and safety reasons.

But there are a number of online events you can still participate in – whether they’re in your community, or worldwide.

First up, there’s Global Pride 2020, a 24-hour live-streamed event featuring musical performances, speeches from activists and campaigners, and addresses by public figures.

From a UK perspective, the likes of UK Black Pride, Amnesty International, Stonewall and ParaPride have joined together to form Pride Inside, ‘an online series of gigs, comedy shows, panel discussions, and arts-based events’ – which will run from Sunday June 28 to Sunday July 5.

Some other great events to shout out are the Bi-Fi Festival, Unity Pride, and Pride at Home – but there are plenty more out there.

Forbes have put together a great list of digital pride events and festivals across June, to help get you started.


Add to your reading list

Another way to celebrate Pride is by celebrating those who have helped make it happen.

It could be books which focus on gay rights trailblazers, such as Stonewall by Martin Duberman, THE BOOK OF PRIDE: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World by Mason Funk, or We Are Everywhere by Matthew Riemer.

It could be modern day classics like The Colour Purple by Alice Walker, Call Me By Your Name by André Aciman, or If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo.

There are literally thousands of options out there.

Mashable and The Independent both have reading lists to start you out with – but please let us know if you have any recommendations to include in this article.


Digital Meet-ups

Although you may not be able to meet up physically this month, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet up at all.

In fact, many in the LGBTQ+ community are hosting digital meet-ups as part of Pride. Some examples we’ve seen include coffee mornings and online brunches, group mediation sessions, book clubs, and other virtual socials.

Not sure where to look? Meetup and Eventbrite are good starting points, but many local newspapers have compiled lists online to help signpost meet-ups within their community.

And it doesn’t have to be with complete strangers either. Even something as simple as setting up group calls with friends can be a great way to celebrate Pride together.


Give back to the community

Finally, Pride isn’t just a time to celebrate. It’s also a time to give back to the community – and to enact change.

In the absence of a parade, Pride in London have created a community hub which includes loads of helpful resources for supporting marginalised LGBTQ+ groups.

There’s information about some great charities you can donate to, links to petitions, and advice on how to write to your MP demanding reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

Other great ways to support the community include purchasing your Pride products from retailers who use their funds for LGBTQ+ progressive causes, and contacting local LGBTQ+ shelters and centres to see if you can volunteer – both now, or after COVID-19.

Because even a pandemic can’t stop you having Pride.


If you have any suggestions to add to this article, please comment below, or message us on Twitter @reedcouk.



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