Four reasons to consider a career in accounting in 2020 

Want to be in demand in 2020? Here’s how… 

If you’re considering a new career this year, you might be left wondering which industry is right for you. Not just in terms of job role and the skills you need, but also in terms of prospects and career progression. 

We spoke to Eagle, one of the most experienced online distance learning providers, to find out why accounting could be the best career to pursue in 2020:


It’s a stable career choice

Accountants and bookkeepers have an extremely important role in the financial success of any business, government, or even (some) individuals. 

It’s thanks to them that budgets are managed, taxes are dealt with, financial reports are carried out, and audits are done – along with anything else that is needed to keep a company’s finances on track. 

And effective financial management remains crucial throughout the good and the bad. 

In fact, they’re arguably more important in uncertain times like these, when the ability to make smart business decisions is paramount to ensuring a company remains profitable. 

So no matter what the economy looks like or where you live, they’ll always be in demand – and your career prospects are likely to remain positive. 


You can work in exciting places 

Accounting can take you to many places – both literally and figuratively. 

Firstly, accountants are in demand globally, and their role doesn’t change just because you go to a new country. What’s more, with an industry regulated qualification like AAT, your skills and abilities will be recognised by employers no matter where you go. 

So if you’re interested in working internationally, pursuing a career in accounting could be the perfect way to do it. 

Secondly, the sectors you can work in are practically limitless. 

Not only can you choose to work in a certain specialism (such as forensics, tax, auditing), you can also work in a field you’re passionate about (e.g. fashion, sports, politics, business etc.). 

Developing your skills across multiple disciplines isn’t just a great way to keep your career interesting, it’ll also broaden your career prospects. 


You probably already have the skills you need to get started

Whilst professional training is essential if you want to become a qualified accountant, there are some core skills you’ll need to have right off the bat. And contrary to popular belief – they’re not just based on mathematical ability. 

Here are a few of the key abilities and attributes that accounting employers look out for: 

  • Self motivation. Not only will you need this to remain focused during self-paced study (such as AAT, CIMA, or ACCA), accounting jobs usually require a good level of autonomy and flexibility; so it’s up to you to stay focused.   
  • Integrity. Integrity, discretion, and an unbiased approach are all crucial skills for  an accountant, as you’ll be dealing with confidential financial information.
  • Organisational skills. To keep on top of a busy schedule as an accountant, good organisational skills are vital. If you’re self-employed, this may also mean juggling multiple organisations’ finances at once. 
  • Time management skills. If you’ve ever created and followed a to-do-list, you’ve already covered the basics of time management. This will be an essential attribute to hone in an accounting role, as task prioritisation is key. 
  • Adaptability. Accountants work across multiple industries in a field that’s always changing, making the ability to adapt and learn in line with demand extremely important. 
  • Communication skills. In addition to being able to communicate effectively with clients, a career in accounting also calls for candidates who can translate technical terms and explain complex financial information to non-professionals. 
  • Problem solving skills. The ability to spot and solve problems is crucial for an accountant, as it allows them to assess financial risks and ultimately help save a business money. 

This broad skillset is made up of transferable skills that everyone is likely to have without even realising it, making accounting the perfect choice for school leavers, or those looking to change careers

What are soft skills?

Hard skills vs. soft skills

You can get qualified online 

An accounting qualification such as AAT is one of the many things you can now complete entirely online – without any previous experience. 

There’s no need for a university degree, and no requirement to even enter a classroom to get qualified. This is all thanks to a range of interactive learning methods that are all available virtually. 

For example, an accounting qualification from Eagle can be studied from wherever you are, and gives you instant access to a comprehensive ‘Study Buddy’ learning guide, an online assessment builder, and hundreds of practice questions and assessments. 

You’ll also benefit from subscription learning – meaning you’re free to choose how often you want to pay, and for how long. Additionally, you can cancel anytime with no hidden fees. No ties. No contract. No catch. 

Remote study not only allows you to learn from home and abide by the lasting restrictions brought on by COVID-19, it also makes it easier to make your accounting course work around other commitments.

This means that you might not have to sacrifice your career (or your income) to get qualified.

How to become accountancy qualified online


Why study with Eagle?

Eagle is one of the most experienced online distance learning providers, offering subscription based AAT and ACCA courses.

Subscription learning is entirely flexible, online, and works around you. You only pay for what you use, and benefit from unlimited access to academic support and course materials for every level for as long as you subscribe*.

Eagle is recognised for delivering excellence by both their awarding bodies and their students, and boast outstanding success rates that exceed the national average.

Other benefits of studying with Eagle include:

  • No financial tie-ins, minimum terms, or cancellation fees
  • High quality tutor led learning with videos provided by Kaplan
  • Competitive prices that don’t compromise on quality of resources
  • Expert tutors and mentors available for support
  • Up-to-date online content that reflects changes in syllabus or finance acts
  • Cancel your subscription at any time


Find out more


To find out more about a career in accounting, talk to Eagle today.


*Within their opening hours of 9:00am to 5:30pm.


Eagle have spent 20 years building a strong reputation for delivering flexible distance learning courses in accountancy. They’re one of the most experienced online distance learning providers, and they pride themselves in offering subscription based AAT and ACCA courses that students love.


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