FlexJobs Members Save for a Healthy & Stress-Free New Year

FlexJobs Members Get 6 Stress-Reducing Holiday Deals and Discounts

New year, new you. Spending more time with friends and families. Creating more balance, so there’s more “me” time. If any of these sound familiar, they’re likely a past or present New Year’s resolution. And, as you probably know, keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions can be challenging.

We know that balancing all the things you want to do with all the things you have to do takes a lot of planning and patience. A flexible or remote job can help you accomplish your goals. But, that’s only the first step.

For example, if you work at home, you need to establish and maintain healthy boundaries between work and home. And, you need to get your family on board with those boundaries. But, even when you’ve done those things, you might still find it difficult to get it all done.

That’s why FlexJobs offers members more than just flexible and remote job postings. Members also have access to exclusive member savings. Whether it’s eating healthier, spending more time with family, or just taking a break, these deals can help you attack your New Year’s resolutions all year long.

Healthy Eating Deals

Coming off the holiday season, it’s easy to feel like you’ve overindulged. We’ve all had just “one more.” Of everything. And while many of us resolve to “eat right” during the new year, once the year gets underway, it’s easy to find ourselves taking unhealthy shortcuts.

Pick up one or more of these great deals to help you kick start your new, healthy diet and, more importantly, to help you eat healthy every day of the year.

Blue Apron

Even when you work from home, sometimes whipping up a meal from scratch sounds exhausting at the end of the day. There’s always take out, but even that gets old after awhile. Plus, when you do feel like cooking, you still have to plan the menu and buy the ingredients. Even with a flexible schedule, sometimes healthy meals go right out the window.

Enter Blue Apron. They do all the planning and all the shopping, so you don’t have to. Get fresh meal ideas with fresh ingredients sent to your door. All you have to do is follow the instructions, prep a few items, and ta-da! Fresh, healthy food that you made!

FlexJobs members receive $60 off their first two boxes of Blue Apron.


And some days, even cooking is just too much. While nuking something sounds appealing, if you want to maintain your “eating healthy” resolution, you need something that isn’t full of chemicals and other gross ingredients. But you also want it to taste great and fill you up.

Freshly delivers healthy, tasty, and nutritious heat and eat meals right to your doorstep. Created by a team of chefs, culinary scientists, and nutritionists (along with customer feedback), their meals use fewer processed foods and more nutrients to ensure you get a healthy and tasty meal. With a wide range of macro and micronutrients, their meals will help keep you feeling good and feeling full.

FlexJobs members receive $40 off their first two orders at Freshly. Promo is applied at checkout.


Once you’ve mastered the art of eating healthy, you may decide it’s time to cook healthy. But, finding time for the grocery store isn’t always easy. Working from home and flexible schedules may make it easier, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get out of regular grocery runs.

Skip the trip to the grocery store and subscribe to Hungryroot instead. Unlike meal services, Hungryroot sends you a variety of ingredients based on your preferences. They include recipes and suggestions. But you can also cook whatever meals you like!

They offer plenty of “basics,” like grains, vegetables, and proteins. And, they’ve got ready-to-eat meals for those days when you’re not up for cooking. Hungryroot has a wide variety of plant-based, vegan, and gluten-free items, too. So, whether you need something fresh, pre-made, or even a pantry staple, Hungryroot has your kitchen covered.

FlexJobs members receive 15% off two boxes.

Reduce Stress, Save Time

If your resolution includes “reduce stress,” you’re not alone. Who doesn’t want to reduce their stress, or live more mindfully? But, making it happen isn’t always easy when you’re constantly “out and about” taking care of the day-to-day part of living.

Thrive Market

Trying to find quality organic and sustainable products is hard any time of year. You’ve got to research the brand and make sure it meets your standards. Then you’ve got to find a place nearby that sells it. Or, you’ve got to find someplace that will ship it without charging you an arm and a leg, not to mention, creating more pollution.

Why not reduce your stress (and carbon footprint, too) by joining Thrive Market. Thrive Market is a membership program that ships over 6,000 brands right to your door. With member-only pricing, you’re bound to discover organic and sustainable brands you love while saving money too.

And don’t worry about added pollution. Thrive Market uses carbon-neutral shipping methods and 100% recyclable packaging to help reduce the negative environmental impacts of shipping products.

When you join Thrive Market, you don’t just save money and help the planet, you help other members, too. For every paid membership, Thrive Market provides a free membership to a low-income family, student, teacher, veteran, or first responder. Thanks to your membership, anyone and everyone can access healthy, organic, and sustainable products no matter their income.

FlexJobs members get an extra 25% off their first order of $49+ ($20 maximum discount).

Get in Shape

It’s always on your resolution list, right? Get in shape, exercise more, or something like that. Every year you’ve tried, and it just hasn’t stuck. Maybe you’ve got a piece of exercise equipment turned coat rack in the basement. Or, you’re still paying for that gym membership from the last decade.

Fitting exercise into your life is never easy, even when you work flexibly. So, this year, why not shake up your “get fit” resolution?

Workouts On Demand

The problem with joining a gym is that you have to go there to take advantage of all they have to offer. And, that, in turn, means finding the time to get there, do your workout, and then come home. It’s almost like commuting to a job! Skip the workout commute and join Workouts On Demand instead.

With Workouts On Demand, you can choose from and stream over 210 exercise videos wherever you are. And, unlike some exercise streaming services, Workouts On Demand doesn’t specialize in one area. You can choose from Pilates, indoor cycling, cardio kickboxing, or step aerobics. Whatever you’re into, Workouts on Demand probably has a workout for you.

FlexJobs members receive 55% off each month for any membership plan.

Yoga Pod

Sometimes you have to get out of the house. But, you don’t want to make your regular outings just “running errands.” Add some mindful me-time to your daily routine and join Yoga Pod.

Yoga Pod promotes judgment-free environments and support you every step of the way. Start at the basic level to build a solid foundation. Then move up to more advanced classes and challenging levels. They offer classes like podFIT that are high-energy and set to music to help you engage all your muscles and work on your cardio. Or, choose their Yin class, which is more low-key, but no less challenging, and work on mobility and flexibility.

Not only does Yoga Pod help you with your health, they help the environment, too. Yoga mats are required, but you can rent one from them. Or, ride your bike to class and get a free rental every time!

FlexJobs members are eligible for a great introductory offer of just $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga at Yoga Pod! If you’re ready to Join the Pod, you can also purchase a 10-pack of classes for $140 (normally $160) or a membership for $99 (normally $108).


And, for those times you don’t want to head out to the studio, or would rather practice alone, you can stream your Yoga workout with YogaVibes. With an array of yoga classes for beginner to expert, you’re sure to find the right yoga workout for you.

YogaVibes offers more than just yoga. Partnering with private studios, you can also try barre and meditation to switch things up. Focus on a specific area, like lower back or postnatal yoga, or just work on your overall stance and posture.

FlexJobs members get either one month free of YogaVibes or receive 50% off an annual subscription (a $100 value).

Keep Those Resolutions Going All Year Long

All of these deals (and more) are available exclusively to FlexJobs members as an additional benefit to help support a better work-life balance. Already a member? Log in and get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions. Not a member? Sign up today and enjoy access to these and other special partnership offers.


As part of our Member Savings partnership with these companies, we may receive a small compensation from transactions.

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