Five unsung heroes working during COVID-19

With every crisis, heroes emerge…

It probably goes without saying that the Coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in a lot of people. The incredible bravery of NHS staff and other frontline workers has been well documented – and rightly recognised right across the country. 

But what about all the other UK workers putting themselves at risk every day, who aren’t getting the attention they deserve?

To help shine a spotlight on some other people helping get us through the pandemic, here are just five of the unsung heroes working during the COVID-19 crisis:


Security staff

With so many of us still unable to go into work, it can be all too easy to forget about our workplaces altogether.

But they’re still there, and they still need protecting. In fact, thousands of security staff have been working around the clock to ensure our buildings are kept safe.

Not only is it one of the most under-appreciated jobs out there, it’s also one of the most isolating – with many sitting in empty offices or patrolling deserted shops, for the last few months (and beyond).

They continue to keep vandalism and theft at bay, amongst their many other duties.

Where would businesses be without them?



We can’t overstate this one.

Delivery Drivers. Haulers. HGV Drivers. Bus Drivers. Taxi Drivers. 

Drivers of all kinds are putting their health on the line, every single day. It’s because of them that we’re able to do everything from receive goods, have food delivered, and even travel safely; all things which have helped to bring some semblance of normality to our lives during lockdown. 

They’re also things that are absolutely essential for those who are high-risk or self-isolating. 

With so many potential touchpoints throughout the day, the level of risk could literally increase with every single journey.  

Other huge shout-outs go to postal staff and shipping workers (amongst many, many others in logistics).



Often undervalued (and low-paid), cleaners are unquestionably indispensable, year-round.

However, throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the work they do has been more valuable than ever.

With correct cleanliness measures put into place, and properly adhered to, the spread of the virus has been minimised in many places. As a direct result, fewer people have been exposed.

They’ve also allowed us to keep ourselves safe whilst we venture out of our homes – all whilst putting themselves at constant risk throughout the day.  

Cleaners have also helped our hospitals and doctor’s surgeries stay sanitary, allowing doctors and nurses to do their jobs without an increased fear of infection.  



OK, so we all know that NHS staff have been amazing during the pandemic.

But what about the people processing the prescriptions?

People across the UK rely on Pharmacists to help provide the medicine they need to stay healthy on a daily basis. And despite often consulting with customers who have COVID related symptoms, despite prior warnings not to, the risks still haven’t gotten in the way of their work.

Aside from being able to close for a few hours during the day, they’ve continued to serve their communities throughout the Coronavirus crisis.

And with pharmacies often only allowing a few customers in at a time, it’s not unusual to see long queues as people clamour for their care and advice.


Rubbish Collectors

Finally, another group of essential workers we often overlook – waste collectors.   

They’ve always managed to stick to their regular working hours – despite the rest of the UK going into lockdown. So even when national anxiety was on the rise, they were still out doing their jobs. Come rain, wind or shine.

Another role which requires continued contact with potentially contaminated items, the risk is understandably high. And with many of us having to work from home as part of our ‘new normal’, our household waste has understandably increased.

Unfortunately, like many on our list, working from home is one luxury they don’t have…



Honourable mentions: Vets, Teachers, Care Workers, Funeral Care Workers. 



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