Five reasons you should become a bookkeeper

Bookkeeping + you = career goals.

If you’re a logical thinker with a head for numbers, a career in bookkeeping might be for you. Not only does it have excellent prospects and high earning potential – it’ll also allow you to work flexibly. But why else should you become a Bookkeeper?

We spoke to Eagle, one of the most experienced online distance learning providers, to find out why bookkeeping is a great field to work in:


You’ll always be in demand

Businesses will always need Bookkeepers.

No matter what the industry, Bookkeepers are a vital part of the smooth running of any company, and their work ensures the business’ finances are being managed, documented, and spent in the most effective way.

From roles in scientific, professional, and technical services, right through to retail, healthcare, and finance, the scope for a Bookkeeper is and will remain wide.

And as the economy grows, so do opportunities in the field. In fact, by the time we reach 2022, Bookkeeper jobs are predicted to have risen by 11% (since 2012). This equates to 37,000 bookkeeping vacancies per year.

But what about technology’s effect on the industry? Whilst automation may replace trivial bookkeeping tasks, the implementation and development of new software only increases the demand for workers with the skills needed to operate them.

And that’s where you come in.


It offers flexible working

Always wanted to work from home? Bookkeeping might be for you.

Bookkeeping doesn’t just have great prospects, it also allows you to work flexibly – in a way that suits you and fits around any other commitments you may have (although longer hours are common when audits are due, and at the end of financial years).

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, for an established company or on a freelance basis, there’s an opportunity in bookkeeping for you.

And it’s not just the hours that are flexible. Once qualified, bookkeepers have the chance to progress and branch out into a range of other specialisms (from accounting to auditing), meaning you’ll never be stuck in a rut.

Alternatively, you could continue to progress within bookkeeping – and even start your own business and become your own boss. It’s entirely up to you.


You can do what you love

Multitasking can be tricky. Luckily, it’s not a part of bookkeeping.

A role in this field requires you to focus on what you’re passionate about – and that alone. An ability to focus on one financial situation at a time, along with an attention to detail is what’s really important for a Bookkeeper, with a love for numbers and enthusiasm remaining forefront.

Because of the varied nature of bookkeeping, you’ll also be able to work in a way that suits your style of working, and matches with your personality.

For example, if you’re a social person – bookkeeping allows you to work in situations and workplaces with a good level of interaction, with a wide range of people. This could be in an office, or if you’d prefer a change of scenery, even traveling to clients’ places of business.

On the flipside, there are many opportunities that allow you to work by yourself – whether it’s from home or from a remote setting.

Whatever your passion, you can find it in bookkeeping.


Your skills will always be up-to-date

Bookkeeping is never stationary. So you won’t be either.

As the industry evolves and computer programs and systems are created and developed to make your job more efficient, your knowledge will grow too.

In fact, many bookkeeping functions now operate through cloud-based software like MYOB and Xero, meaning as a modern day Bookkeeper, your expertise will expand far beyond manual calculations.

But it’s not just software that you’ll always be learning about.

Bookkeepers (alongside other accountancy professionals) are usually required to be AAT qualified – which not only teaches you everything you need to know about bookkeeping, but also represents proficiency in the field to prospective employers.

And if you study on a subscription basis, access to AAT materials is available as and when you need it. Whether you want to brush up on your skills or learn about an updated function or process.


You don’t need a degree

Bookkeeping is perfect for school leavers or career changers.

Whilst you don’t need a formal degree to get started, you will benefit from an AAT qualification. Luckily, this doesn’t require quitting your job or going back to university. In fact, you can study on your own terms, from wherever you are.

You don’t need any previous qualifications or experience in accountancy to begin studying, and once qualified – you’ll open doors to a number of opportunities with great career prospects and excellent earning potential.

Some learning providers even offer flexible learning options and ongoing support whilst you study. For example, these AAT courses that provide instant online access to all AAT levels offer a holistic route into accountancy.

Offering subscription learning without a contract, you’ll only have to pay for learning materials as and when you need them. You’ll also get mentor and tutor support, along with an online study guide that replaces a classroom tutor.


Why study with Eagle?

Eagle are one of the most experienced online distance learning providers, offering subscription based AAT and ACCA courses.

Subscription learning is entirely flexible, online, and works around you. You only pay for what you use, and benefit from unlimited access to tutors and course materials for every level for as long as you subscribe.

Eagle are recognised for delivering excellence by both their awarding bodies and their students, and boast outstanding success rates that exceed the national average.

Other benefits of studying with Eagle include:

  • No financial tie-ins, no minimum terms, no catch
  • High quality tutor led learning with videos provided by Kaplan
  • Competitive prices that don’t compromise on quality of resources
  • Accountancy qualified tutors and mentors available for support
  • Up-to-date online content that reflects changes in syllabus or finance acts
  • Cancel your subscription at any time and pick up where you left off – without a fee



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To find out more about a career in bookkeeping, talk to Eagle today.


Eagle have spent 20 years building a strong reputation for delivering flexible distance learning courses in accountancy. They’re one of the most experienced online distance learning providers, and they pride themselves in offering subscription based AAT and ACCA courses that students love.



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