Five reasons to try an eLearning platform

Looking to learn online? Try an eLearning platform… 

With the rise of everything online, eLearning is now more popular than ever. Not only is it the perfect choice for anyone looking to fit studying around other commitments, it also has a whole host of other benefits. 

Here are just five reasons to study on an eLearning platform: 


What is an eLearning platform? 

An eLearning platform hosts and delivers online courses, enabling students to study flexibly, at their own pace, from wherever they are. 

Course content can be presented using a range of mediums, including PDFs, articles, videos, worksheets, and quizzes, providing a varied and interactive learning experience. 


Benefits of studying on an eLearning platform


1. You’re not restricted on location

When it comes to virtual learning, it doesn’t matter where you are. 

Not only can you purchase and complete your course on one easy-to-use and intuitive platform, you can also study from wherever you are – whether it’s the sofa, the train, or even abroad. 

All you need is a phone/laptop/tablet and an internet connection (although the latter is not always essential).


2. Upskilling is quick and easy

Completing a course on an eLearning platform is quick and easy. 

Because course content on these platforms are designed to be easy-to-digest and bitesize, courses are relatively fast to finish. In fact, many last just a few hours. 

On Reed Courses, you’ll also be able to start your eLearning course instantly after purchasing – without having to wait to receive login details. 


3. You can learn at a pace that suits you

eLearning courses are self-paced. 

This means you can study flexibly, at a pace that suits you, with unlimited access to your course content if you study on Reed Courses. Absolutely no deadlines. 

So even if you have other commitments – whether it’s work, childcare, or anything else – an eLearning course will work around you


4. You can easily track your progress 

Because your course will be taken in one (virtual) place, tracking your progress is simple. 

For example, on Reed Courses’ eLearning platform, a dynamic percentage bar allows learners to stay up-to-date with their progress. You can also easily switch between lectures, revisiting any materials you need a second look at. This function will allow you to effectively manage your time, not to mention keep yourself motivated. 

Additionally, some platforms gamify the learning process, incorporating progress bars, rewards, or loyalty points as incentives to complete your course.


5. There’s no limit to what you can learn 

With the popularity of online learning at an all time high, so are the subjects you can study. 

In fact, Reed Courses’ eLearning platform offers over 1,200 courses in 48 subjects, allowing you to work on your personal and professional development in many fields. 

So whether you want to gain skills in marketing, business, leadership, design, project management, CV writing, sales, or anything else, the (online) world is your oyster. 



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