Five reasons to take a law Master’s 

Want to take the law into your own hands? 

Master’s of laws (LLMs) provide a great opportunity to advance your knowledge in a particular area of law. This knowledge will allow you to specialise in the field you’re passionate about, not to mention stand out to law firms when seeking work.

We spoke to The University of Law, the UK’s longest-established specialist provider of legal education and training in the UK, to find out five reasons to study an LLM: 


You can choose from a variety of specialisms

One of the best things about pursuing a Master’s in law is the variety of subjects on offer. 

From medical, human rights, and environmental law, right through to mental health, finance, business, and corporate law, the areas you can explore with an LLM are vast. Or if you’d rather cover law on a broader level, postgrads like the General Master’s of Law or an International Master’s of Law are also available. 

This means you’ll be able to further your understanding and develop your knowledge in a topic you’re passionate about, and develop a specialty that boosts commercial awareness in your chosen field. 


It’ll take you in whatever direction you want to go

The specialism you choose will greatly influence the direction you can take in terms of your legal career – with each providing a certain set of skills that’ll help you thrive in particular paths. 

For example, aspiring or current barristers might benefit from a human rights or international law oriented LLM, whilst aspiring or current solicitors are likely to opt for a commercially oriented LLM. 

Even if you’ve already started heading in one legal direction, an LLM will help develop your skills and enable you to specialise in something completely different. 


It could improve your employability

Carrying out postgraduate study is a great way to prove your commitment and ongoing interest in the field of law. 

Since LLMs are always developing to include a practice-based approach to learning, employers are seeing an increased level of value in them. This means that getting one under your belt could boost your chances of securing a training contract or pupilage. 

They’re also essential if you want to specialise in a particular subject, if you’re looking to pursue a legal academic career, or if you want to work for an NGO or an international organisation. 


You’ll be able to expand your network

Carrying out postgraduate study is a great way to build on your connections. 

If your undergraduate degree was in law, you’re practically doubling your network of legal professionals by studying a Master’s at a brand new institution. Never studied law before? You’ll open doors to a whole new set of legal professors, peers, and alumni. 

This network could provide the perfect opportunity for you to expand on your knowledge, advance your skill set, and further your legal career. 


Graduates of all degree backgrounds can start studying

LLMs from The University of Law are suitable for both law and non-law graduates, meaning you don’t need any previous law qualifications to start studying.

You simply need an undergraduate degree at the grade required (usually 2:1 or 2:2, depending on the course) for the particular LLM you’re looking to start.  

So even if your undergraduate degree was in an unrelated subject, that doesn’t mean you can’t change directions and pursue a career in law. 


Why study with The University of Law? 

The University of Law is the UK’s longest-established specialist provider of legal education and training, offering a range of postgraduate legal training and Master’s degrees designed by qualified lawyers.

Their courses are employment-focused, honing key skills in a teaching environment based on real legal practice. 

Here are a few more benefits of studying with The University of Law

  • Get careers and employability advice and one-to-one bespoke guidance from a team of specialist careers advisors
  • Focus on legal practice, not just theory; learn the importance of legal rules as they are applied in the real world
  • All LLM courses offer modules in Legal Technology, allowing you to gain an insight into this emerging area of law
  • Courses are available at a number of campuses and online, so you can transfer between courses and study modes to suit you (subject to cut-off dates and programme compliance)
  • If you study an LLM, you could be eligible for a Student Loans Company Postgraduate Loan worth up to £11,222 


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The University of Law is the UK’s longest-established specialist provider of legal education and training, offering a range of postgraduate legal training.




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