Five easy jobs to do without experience

Think it’s not possible to get a job without experience? Think again… 

To get a job you need experience and to get experience you need a job! We’ve all been there, right?  It can be a tricky situation to navigate, and you may be worried that you’re missing out on job opportunities. 

But don’t panic. Whether you’re looking for a part-time job to fit around your commitments or your first job out of college or university, here are five easy jobs you can do without experience: 




What it involves: A waiter or waitress may greet and seat customers, hand out menus, take customer’s orders, hand orders to the kitchen or bar staff and serve customers their food or drink. They will also  check that everything is meeting the customer’s expectations, clear the customer’s plates or glasses, and handle the payment for the meal. 

What you need to do the job: If you want to work as a waiter or waitress, you’ll need good time management skills as you’ll be expected to arrive on time for your shift. You’ll also need to be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, have excellent team working skills, and the ability to multitask as you may need to look after a number of tables at the same time. 

Average salary: Around £20,000* per year 

Perfect for: People who like to mix things up (see also: drinks)  

Our advice: As bars and restaurants open up after lockdown, there’s a high demand for waiting staff but it’s still a competitive job market. Try using our free CV template to show off your transferable skills. 

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Estate Agent

What it involves: An estate agent helps property owners market their property to potential buyers or renters. For instance, this could be a family who is looking to upgrade to a bigger home or a retired couple who think it’s time to downgrade to a smaller property. 

The tasks an estate agent performs are varied, but tend to revolve around showing properties to the right type of buyers or renters. This may involve visiting properties to take photos and detailed descriptions, uploading these details into the estate agent’s website, contacting buyers on their database to update them that a new property has come onto the market, arranging and conducting viewings of properties and liaising with the buyer, seller or solicitor to make sure the transaction completes on time. 

What you need to do the job: To become an estate agent, you’ll need strong communication skills (both verbal and written) as you’ll deal with people from different backgrounds. Also, being a good listener, a team-player and having the motivation to keep going when things aren’t necessarily going how you hoped they would, will help you succeed as an estate agent. 

Average salary: Around £40,000 per year 

Perfect for: People who want to move their career on 

Our advice: The property market is booming and estate agents are in high demand. Focus on the key skills (e.g. basic knowledge of the local property market, great communication and listening skills and the determination to help people find their dream home) needed to become an Estate Agent and show prospective employers that you’ll be a valuable addition to their office. 

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Sales Assistant

What it involves: A sales assistant may greet customers and ask them if they need any help while shopping in-store. They could assist customers in finding products, explain how products work and manage payments. A sales assistant may also have to deal with customer complaints and either try to rectify the problem themselves or escalate it onto a senior member of staff. 

What you need to do the job: Working as a sales assistant will require excellent people skills , as you’ll need to be able to communicate with customers from all walks of life . Being a good listener and a team player, as well as the ability to stay calm under pressure and the confidence to give advice, are also desirable skills for a Sales Assistant to have.

Average salary: Around £23,000 per year

Perfect for: People who live to serve 

Our advice: A job in retail can be incredibly varied and, even though you may not have direct retail experience, you’re sure to have gained some of the skills needed in previous jobs, volunteering or work experience. Discover how to impress a retail employer using our retail CV template.

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Care Assistant

What it involves: A care assistant helps their client with any of their everyday needs. They may work with the elderly, people with disabilities or those recovering from an accident or surgery. The tasks a care assistant performs can include helping to wash and dress their client, preparing meals, tidying up, washing clothes, paying bills on behalf of their client, and more. 

What you need to do the job: A care assistant needs to build relationships quickly with their clients, be patient and have a good sense of humour. You’ll need to be compassionate, have a genuine interest in helping people and be a good communicator – because as well as speaking with your clients, you may also have to communicate with their family.   

Average salary: Around £24,730 per year

Perfect for: Compassionate people

Our advice: Care assistants have been vital for thousands across the UK – never more so than during the pandemic. Which is just one reason that they’re in such high demand. Being compassionate and having a general desire to help people are key attributes to become a care assistant. To set your application part, always aim to  provide examples of times when you’ve cared for or helped others within your CV. Even if it wasn’t for a paid position.  

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Delivery Person

What it involves: A delivery person, also known as a courier, is responsible for delivering packages, products or documents to customers. Daily duties can also involve moving products or packages around the warehouse and loading these onto vehicles, driving to customers’ properties, unloading packages, recording the delivery of packages and handling payment. 

What you need to do the job: If you want to become a delivery person, you’ll need a full driving licence (that covers the type of vehicle you’ll be driving), be able to follow directions and have excellent time management skills. Good customer service and organisational skills are also essential. .  

Average salary: Around £51,034 per year  

Perfect for: Those who want to drive their career forward 

Our advice: During lockdown more and more people turned to online shopping, and it’s a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. As a result, delivery roles are  particularly competitive. To show an employer you have the practical experience needed, be sure to mention on your CV that you hold a valid driving licence – and being open to flexible hours and work schedules is also a big bonus, if possible. 

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Other easy jobs you can do without experience: bar person, administration assistant, travel agent, barista, cleaner



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*all salary data provided by our Average Salary Checker, and correct at time of publishing


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