82% of jobseekers are hopeful they’ll land their dream job in 2021

  • The majority (59%) of jobseekers were not put off looking for jobs despite the pandemic
  • 82% are feeling hopeful they’ll find a new job in 2021
  • Over 70% would be willing to change sectors or take a pay cut to find the right role

The majority of jobseekers are hopeful about finding a new start in 2021, according to our latest research*. Showing that, despite the pandemic, people are continuing to remain positive in their search for work.

But how are attitudes towards work really changing during COVID-19? And how has the pandemic affected our expectations? 


A growing sense of optimism

Over eight out of 10 (82%) UK jobseekers feel optimistic about their chances of finding their dream job this year – despite the current restrictions due to COVID-19.

And the numbers remain high for those who have been directly affected by the pandemic too.

Of those we surveyed who lost their jobs due to coronavirus, just three in 10 (30%) don’t feel hopeful about their career prospects in 2021. Furthermore, 52% of those who were furloughed don’t think it’ll have any impact on their career at all.

So it seems as if optimism is on the rise, even from those who have suffered significant career setbacks over the last year.


Stepping out of our comfort zones

When it comes to searching for work in 2021, it seems as if our expectations may be broadening too. Especially when it comes to stepping outside our comfort zones.

According to our survey, many are willing to adapt to the changing jobs market with seven in 10(70%) workers saying they would take a pay cut or consider working in a different sector if the right opportunity came up.

Additionally, just over half (53%) of our respondents are willing to move to a different part of the country if it led to them finding their ideal job.

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A recovering jobs market

One reason for this renewed sense of optimism could be down to the number of jobs on offer.

Despite the economic doom and gloom, jobs are actually on the rise. 

In fact, over 90,000 jobs went live on during the first two weeks of the January 2021 lockdown (91,946 jobs in total) – this figure is 10% and 101% higher than the same period in the second and first lockdown, respectively.

And with more than 200,000 jobs on right now, the most since the pandemic began – now could be the perfect time to find something new.  

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How can help?

If you’re looking for work right now, there are thousands of roles added to every single day. We also have a wide range of Career Advice for every stage of the jobseeking journey, as well as courses for anything you’re interested in learning.

So no matter what you need help with, we’re here for you.  



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