5 Houseplants to Freshen Up Your Home Office

5 Houseplants to Freshen up Your Home Office


Do you work at home? Spruce up your home office space with houseplants! Besides adding extra oxygen into the air, some plants can actually absorb dangerous toxins and provide a safer work—and family—environment.

The plants below will act as natural air filters and help you create a beautiful and eco-friendly home office space.

Healthy Plants for a Home Office

English Ivy

Hearty and easy-to-grow, the English Ivy is often used as a pretty ground cover for outdoor gardening. Great for boosting oxygen levels in the home, it grows well in indirect light but cannot tolerate high temperatures.

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Besides providing a Zen feeling to your home office desk, bamboo helps rid the air of toxins like benzene. It also adds moisture to the air during dry winter months. Bamboo loves direct, natural sunlight.


An indoor-loving plant, ferns are fairly easy to care for. They remove unpleasant odors in the home, like chemical pollutants in carpets or paints. Place the fern in indirect light with plenty of room around it for good air circulation.

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Spider Plant

Known for removing air impurities like xylene and formaldehyde, the spider plant grows fairly quickly. This plant thrives in bright, indirect light, so it’s great for a home office with lots of natural light.

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Happiest in indirect, medium sunlight, the Dracaena excels at ridding the air of trichloroethylene, a pollutant that can cause headaches and dizziness when directly inhaled. It is best suited for offices with indirect, low light and is an undemanding plant, requiring little maintenance.

Breathe Easy

One of the best things about setting up a home office you love is the ability to choose whatever you need to support you physically, emotionally, and mentally as you do your best work. Plants for your home office not only clean the air so you can breathe easy all day long, but they bring a little happiness and sunshine into your work life each and every day.

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