20 Companies Hiring for Work-from-Anywhere Remote Jobs

Top 20 Companies Hiring for Work-from-Anywhere Remote Jobs

According to FlexJobs’ annual survey, wanting to travel ranks as one of the top reasons why people work. For those looking to combine their love of travel while simultaneously growing their career, work-from-anywhere remote jobs are especially coveted because of the freedom and flexibility they offer.

To help job seekers find this specific type of remote job, FlexJobs has identified the top 20 companies that posted the most work-from-anywhere remote job listings during 2019.

Top 20 Companies Hiring for Work-from-Anywhere Remote Jobs

This list is based on an analysis of remote job listings from over 54,000 companies in the FlexJobs database from January 1, 2019, through December 31, 2019. These companies had the most job listings that met the following criteria:

  • Work-from-Anywhere” remote jobs without location restrictions
  • Fully remote jobs that don’t require any time in the office
  • Offer either full-time or part-time schedules

They are ordered from highest to lowest by volume of work-from-anywhere job listings during 2019. (Click on a company name to learn more about the company and the types of jobs it’s offering.)

1. GitLab

As a “code collaboration open-source platform,” GitLab enables users to unify issues by reviewing, generating, analyzing, and implementing code into a consolidated user interface. One of the leading Git-repository management firms, the company serves over 100,000 organizations worldwide.

2. Welocalize

Welocalize provides product and content translation services to companies. The translation solutions offered by Welocalize are flexible, customizable, and include support throughout the process of product development to entering the market.

3. Wikimedia Foundation

As a nonprofit, Wikimedia Foundation supports some of the world’s largest free-knowledge projects, including Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wiktionary, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, MediaWiki, Wikiversity, Wikispecies, and Wikibooks.

4. Toptal

Toptal is a labor marketplace platform to connect freelancers with employers. It is considered the world’s “largest fully distributed workforce.” JPMorgan Chase, Designkitchen, Zendesk, and Airbnb are a few of Toptal’s clients.

5. Zapier

Zapier provides a leading web application automation service that makes it easy to connect the web applications people are already using. More than 100,000 customers have used Zapier to automate tedious and time-consuming tasks, creating more efficient and streamlined processes.

6. is a search company that builds self-managed and SaaS solutions to enable real-time, scalable data use for analytics, logging, searching, and security purposes. Its open-source products include Beats, Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Logstash.

7. Percona

Percona is a computer software company providing support and services to users of MySQL and MongoDB that are designed to streamline database efficiencies and maximize application performance across both cloud-based and traditional platforms. In addition to managed services and support, Percona offers clients a full spectrum of consulting services.

8. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies is a web design and online marketing agency that offers clients a variety of services to meet their online business needs. Services provided by Coalition Technologies include website design and development, user experience, search engine optimization, email marketing, pay-per-click, and social media marketing.

9. Achieve Test Prep

Achieve Test Prep is an academic support organization that provides test preparation and college education consulting services to adults and parents of college-bound children. The company offers a unique Credit-by-Examination Bridge that enables students to receive maximum credit for past courses, as well as test out of most of the remaining general education courses.

10. X-Team

X-Team is an IT company that partners with motivated developers in over 30 countries who generate quality results for businesses worldwide. Developers track their progress in a community app and are matched with a personal coach who supports and funds their learning.

11. Ulatus

Ulatus provides translation services in Japanese, English, Traditional Chinese, Indian, Korean, and Portuguese. Ulatus provides translators who are able to not only speak fluently in the target language, but also able to speak authoritatively using accurate technical vocabulary.

12. Day Translations

Day Translations works to improve global communication and remove cultural barriers by offering tailored translation, localization, and interpretation services to individuals and organizations. In 2019, the company served 29,000+ clients and translated more than 1.5 million words with help from 10,000+ linguists supporting over 116 languages.

13. Fastly

Fastly is an internet company offering a content delivery network that helps digital businesses supply quick, secure, and scalable online experiences for their customers. Fastly’s instant, agile, secure, and programmable platform is designed to help top brands meet client expectations through improved web and application performance, quality video and streaming, cloud security, and load balancing.

14. Mattermost

Mattermost is a technology company that provides enterprise-grade messaging solutions for some of the world’s leading companies. Using a vibrant open-source platform, Mattermost offers configurable, secure, and highly scalable messaging solutions across phones, personal computers, and the web.

15. Protocol Labs

Protocol Labs is a network protocol research, development, and deployment lab. The company creates software systems and tools that address significant technical challenges, resolving them with new breakthroughs in technology.

16. 5CA

5CA helps clients optimize their customer support services, such as self-service, outsourced, omnichannel, and multilingual support. The company also specializes in working with startups and strives to provide consistent customer treatment, whether clients are served over the phone or through chat, email, or social media.

17. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe creates custom products and solutions for a range of clients. The company specializes in large-scale WordPress deployments and has created various plugins, such as GigPress, The Events Calendar, and The Image Widget, and has launched over 1,000 websites.

18. Automattic

Automattic is a web development company that has over 500 remote employees. Automattic’s products include WordPress, CloudUp, VaultPress, and JetPack. The company’s mission is to “democratize publishing” so that anyone with a story, regardless of language, politics, gender, income, or location, can share their experience.


Founded in 2002, seeks to reduce the financial burden of attending college by providing tuition-free college. It has over 200 instructors, and courses are available for GED credit, certificates of completion, or transferable to other universities.

20. Trafilea

Trafilea is a marketing and advertising company that specializes in disruptive, data-driven ecommerce strategies that help build customer-centric global brands online. Trafilea harnesses the strengths of branding and performance marketing to provide unique, data-informed customer experiences that deliver results for businesses around the world.

About Remote Work-from-Anywhere Jobs

You might be asking, “Work from anywhere? Can’t all remote jobs be done from anywhere?”

The answer is…no! About 95% of remote jobs require candidates to be based in a certain location, such as a state or country, even though they’ll be able to work from their homes. Up to 10% of those location-specific positions can be done from anywhere in the U.S., which is fairly flexible, while the remaining 5% of remote jobs can be performed from anywhere in the world.

“For a variety of reasons, such as employment and tax law, the vast majority of remote jobs include a geographic requirement, but thanks to technology and the increasing global adoption of remote work across industries, the marketplace of work-from-anywhere jobs is very healthy going into 2020,” shares Sara Sutton, FlexJobs Founder and CEO.

Despite the vast majority of remote jobs having location requirements, work-from-anywhere jobs can be found. And that’s what makes these 20 companies so special—they’ve hired for the most location-independent jobs during 2019.

These 20 companies represent industries such as computer and IT, education and training, marketing, web development, and customer service. They hire for a variety of work-from-anywhere remote jobs, including full-time and part-time jobs, flexible or alternative hours, and employee or freelance roles.

Examples of work-from-anywhere jobs commonly hiring on FlexJobs:

What It’s Like to Work Remotely

FlexJobs members who have success using our job search service, often sing the praises of remote work and how its changed their life for the better. Here’s how a few FlexJobs members describe it:

“I get to live in the city of my choosing and do the work I love. I do not sit multiple hours a week in traffic or have to worry about rush hour. I feel like I get more productive hours back and can be happier in my off time.” —Leslie F.

“A work-at-home job allows me to choose the schedule I prefer, as well as the range of hours I want to work, while not having to travel to/from a job. There are so many disabled adults who feel like they can no longer earn or contribute. Work-at-home positions can really enable them to begin to enjoy life again.” —Richard M.

“I can work anytime [it] suits me and from any location, as long as I have my laptop and access to the internet. It also allows me the flexibility to be available as needed for an aging parent.” —Janice G.

“Having this flexible job with an amazing company has already made my life better by allowing me the freedom to manage my day and to balance my work priorities with my personal priorities. I am able to stop and take a quick break when I need to. I am able to run out to the supermarket if I need to, I am able to organize my day around my clients and around the needs of the business, and I feel I can be much more productive because of all of this.” —Katherine P.

Applying for a Work-from-Anywhere Remote Job

Before you apply for a remote job, make sure your skills and experience really shine in your applications!

Since being a successful remote worker requires some specific skills, showcasing a track record of remote work skills and experience can really boost employment prospects for remote positions.


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Originally published January 2, 2018. Previously updated October 22, 2018 and January 28, 2019. 

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