10 well-paid jobs you can do without a degree

Think you can only get a well-paid job with a degree? Think again…

University may be the preferred route into a career for some, but spending another three or four years in higher education isn’t for everyone. Especially if you’re looking to earn while you learn. If you’re looking for a job that has a decent salary, there are well-paid jobs that don’t need a degree, and we’ve listed 10 great options for you to consider.

(It’s worth pointing out that while a degree may help you break into these roles, it isn’t a necessity). 


Project manager

What they do: Responsible for the day-to-day management of a project. Typical responsibilities include deciding what work needs to be done and how long it will take to complete, deciding who is best to perform these tasks, ensuring the project is sticking to budget, and checking the standard of work carried out. 

What you need: Successful project managers need a range of soft skills, such as leadership, as you’ll be making decisions that impact the whole project. Strong communication skills (written and verbal) and excellent attention to detail are also vital requirements.  

What you can earn: Up to £70,000 

Perfect for: People who love planning

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Chartered accountant

What they do: Audit accounts and give reliable and accurate information to maximise the profitability of an organisation. This involves managing financial accounts, testing an organisation’s financial systems, checking for fraudulent activity and preparing annual accounts. 

What you need: As a trainee chartered accountant, you can study an AAT course (Association of Accounting Technicians) which can lead to training for chartered status – and the more specialised ACCA course (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) will be necessary to become fully qualified. Good numeracy skills and being IT proficient are essential skills to have, as well as being an analytical thinker and strong communicator. 

What you can earn: Up to £42,000 

Perfect for: People who always double-check their change 

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Air traffic controller

What they do: From airport control towers, air traffic controllers communicate with pilots via radio to help airplanes take-off and land. They also relay weather information to pilots and ensure that aircraft keep a safe distance from each other. 

What you need: You need a minimum of five GCSEs to be considered for training. You’ll also need excellent attention to detail (as you may monitor several aircraft at once), as well as fast-decision making skills and the ability to remain calm under pressure. 

What you can earn: Up to £100,000 

Perfect for: People who know the difference between a Boeing and an Airbus

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Sales manager

What they do: Responsible for managing a sales team, setting individual and team KPIs and motivating and training their team so they hit their sales goals. A sales manager is also responsible for hiring new team members, like sales executives

What you need: Strong leadership and motivational skills are essential as part of your role is helping individuals in your team to be their best. Interpersonal skills, such as problem solving, negotiation and relationship management are also essential skills to have. 

What you can earn: Up to £55,000 

Perfect for: People who could sell a pen

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Events manager

What they do: Meeting with various clients to understand how they want their events to look. Manage the organisation of the event, from viewing and booking the venue, selecting the catering, booking bands or DJs and making sure everything comes in on budget

What you need: Excellent organisation and time management skills are a must. Forward planning and having a Plan B in place are also important in case your first choices unexpectedly fall through. 

What you can earn: Up to £35,000 

Perfect for: People who know how to throw a good party  

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SAP consultant

What they do: Responsible for analysing, designing and configuring IT systems and software to meet the needs of an organisation. A SAP Consultant monitors how efficient the systems are and will make changes to them based on the feedback from users. 

What you need: A vast knowledge of computer systems, software and programmes is essential, as is analytical thinking to configure the system to fit with their users’ needs. It’s also important to have negotiation skills, as you won’t always be able to deliver everything users want. 

What you can earn: Up to £100,000

Perfect for: People who like simple processes 

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Ethical hacker

What they do: Legally hack into a company’s networks to identify any weaknesses or potential security threats. They use the same techniques as illegal hackers to test the company’s internal servers and systems and provide recommendations for improvement. 

What you need: You need to be aware of the most advanced hacking techniques to ensure systems can withstand the most technological hacks. You’ll also need strong communication skills to convey your findings clearly. 

What you can earn: Up to £50,000

Perfect for: People who don’t just set their password as ‘password’

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Scrum master

What they do: Firstly, it’s got nothing to do with rugby! Scrum is a framework made up of a set of meetings, tools and roles that help teams work efficiently. A scrum master is responsible for managing (and helping to implement) the Scrum framework. 

What you need: You’ll need extensive knowledge of the Scrum framework and be confident in facilitating it. Attention to detail is also essential to ensure that the team is sticking to the Scrum rules, as well as the ability to work well under pressure. 

What you can earn: Up to £72,000 

Perfect for: People who are natural problem solvers 

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HR business partner

What they do: Working with the senior management within an organisation and taking into account business goals, an HR business partner creates an HR strategy that details where staffing support is needed – and helps oversee general HR practices for the company. 

What you need: A solid understanding of how businesses operate, along with extensive knowledge of current HR policies. Strong communication skills and forward thinking are also important skills to have. 

What you can earn: Up to £50,000 

Perfect for: People who want to help others 

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What they do: Install, test and maintain electrical wiring and electrical devices to ensure they meet safety standards and are safe to use – whether in peoples’ homes, or for commercial property. This includes lighting, electrical circuits, heating and safety networks. 

What you need: An awareness of current electrical safety regulations is a must. You’ve also got to be good with working with your hands, physically fit and happy working on your own. 

What you can earn: Up to £42,000 

Perfect for: People who are bright sparks 

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