10 Nursing Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

10 Best At-Home Nursing Jobs, Hiring Now!

It may seem counterintuitive, but nursing is one of many professions that lend themselves to working remotely. While it’s true that nurses often need to work with patients in person, some nursing roles can be done virtually. At-home nursing jobs can be a great way for nursing professionals to benefit from remote work.

Thanks to evolving technology, work-from-home nursing jobs are growing in prevalence within the medical and health industry. Here are 10 at-home nursing jobs found on FlexJobs, along with their average salary information.

10 Best At-Home Nursing Jobs

Registered Nurse

Average salary: $63,263

A registered nurse typically observes and records patient behavior, performs physical exams, collects patient health histories, provides treatment plan education, and more. An RN must have a bachelor’s or associate degree.

Nursing Instructor

Average salary: $61,322

Nursing instructors teach nursing students, help them prepare for exams, and support academic needs. An RN license and experience is needed, but some roles seek candidates with a master’s or doctorate.

Clinical Appeals Nurse

Average salary: $60,854

Clinical appeals nurses can work remotely to review denied insurance claims and conduct appeal reviews. This role will generate a report with final decisions made and may follow up with payors.

Clinical Coder

Average salary: $50,251

Licensed nurses can work as a clinical coder to review clinical information, assign appropriate and accurate codes, and perform documentation. Knowledge of ICD or HCPCS coding is typically needed.

Nurse Abstractor

Average salary: $55,955

Nurse abstractors review patient files to abstract key data. They may also identify record deficiencies and enter results into a system. Keyboarding skills and experience with healthcare software is usually required.

Nurse Auditor

Average salary: $65,454

At-home nurse auditors audit financial statements for hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. They check for accuracy and compliance with government regulations. Experience as an LPN or RN is often required.

Nurse Case Manager

Average salary: $71,268

The duties of nursing case managers can involve ensuring access to health services, conducting health assessments, and coordinating and implementing healthcare plans. A nursing license is a must for this role.

Nurse Practitioner

Average salary: $93,495

Nurse practitioners use advanced medical training to help diagnose patients for illness and treatment. These professionals are qualified, beyond a registered nursing credential, to treat illnesses and prescribe medications.

Telephone Triage Nurse

Average salary: $69,270

This telehealth role will assist patients via phone to determine if they need medical attention and educate them on injury or illness management. An RN license is needed.

Utilization Review Nurse

Average salary: $69,394

Utilization review nurses will determine if treatments fall within the coverage parameters of a patient’s insurance. They help determine medical necessity, level of care, and length of stay. A bachelor’s degree is required.

Finding an At-Home Nursing Job

FlexJobs is a great way to find an at-home nursing job and stay safe in your job search. With a guaranteed scam-free job search experience, FlexJobs has listings updated daily. Our nursing category has many remote jobs available, along with other flexible work options, such as part-time schedules and contract work.


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